Tips to teach you how to type on the keyboard quickly

If your profession or position implies the need for high typing speed on a computer keyboard, then you just need to increase it as soon as possible. But how to do that?

Choose your method

There are different methods of typing on the keyboard, and if you choose and use the most suitable and convenient, you can increase the printing speed at times. Many apply the two-finger method, which involves the use of only two fingers.

Most often it is the index fingers or middle. This method is simple and consists in the fact that the printer first looks for the desired key, then presses it on the selected finger.

Many for printing use eight fingers: index, middle, ring and little fingers. This is more convenient, since the hands move over the keyboard is much smaller than with the two-finger method, which undoubtedly improves typing speed.But the essence is about the same: search, move, then click.

The most effective is the so-called ten-finger blind dialing method. It will seem difficult to many, and this is actually true, but having mastered it, you will be able to use all ten fingers and not even look at the keyboard. The essence of this method lies in the fact that each finger is responsible for certain keys and can only press on them.

It is important the correct arrangement of hands. So, the four fingers of the left hand (with the exception of the thumb) should be placed on the keys "F", "S", "B" and "A". And four fingers of the right hand will be located on the digits "O", "L", "D" and "F". Thumbs of two hands put on the keyboard.

First you need to remember exactly which keys a particular finger should press. In the first stages, you will type texts very slowly, but even with two daily workouts of five minutes, literally in a couple of weeks your hands will remember all the movements, and you can actually type blindly.

Regular workouts

How to learn to type quickly on the keyboard? As you know, everything comes with experience, and the speed of dialing, too.And if you need to improve it, print as much as possible.

If your post involves a set of texts, then it will do you good. If you don’t have to print at the workplace much, then do it at home. For example, you can reproduce stories of household members, texts taken from books or films, monologues of leading TV shows and so on. Print every day at least 10-15 minutes, and then literally in a month you will notice that you succeed much better.


Today you can learn anything, including fast printing. Try to sign up for trainings or courses. The main advantage of such training is that all actions are explained, described in detail, monitored and adjusted by the teacher.

He will explain how and what to do, answer all the questions you are interested in, and correct mistakes, if necessary, or direct the work in the right direction. Cons - this is money and time costs.

If you do not have time, you can learn remotely by purchasing a course via the Internet. Online mode is quite convenient.


Today you can find a lot of different online simulators, programs and even games that allow you to increase the speed of typing on the keyboard.The whole essence of the occupation is that you will be asked to type different letters in a certain order.

Gradually, you will remember their location, and when the desired print speed increases, you can hone the skill. But there are more complex programs, and it is best to choose one of them. Although if you are practically not familiar with the keyboard and have never typed texts, it is advisable to start with simple ones.

What are the benefits? In fact, an occupation is a kind of game that makes learning easy. In addition, you can train without leaving home. Cons - this is the lack of an individual approach and the possibility of development.

Such important little things

Some items can also increase the speed of recruitment. Here are the most basic ones:

  • Choose the right keyboard. Today on sale there are both the most usual, and the bent, ergonomic (in them the keys are divided into two parts, intended for each of two hands) and even sensory ones.
  • Hone finger strokes on the buttons and move your hands. Beats should be short but strong enough. And the hands and fingers should move, but not all hands.
  • Choose the right rhythm. Ideally, pressing the diggers should be done at certain time intervals.To comply with them, you can use the metronome, which will mark the breaks with beats (there is such a function in some programs).
  • Equally important is the correct location in the workplace. So, hands and elbows should be placed on the same level with the keyboard. The back should be straight. The head should be located slightly above the screen, while you will see well the screen and keyboard.


Tips for those who want to learn how to quickly type on the keyboard:

  1. If you already own one method, then it is worth improving your skills, since it is very difficult to relearn because of the so-called memory of hands.
  2. Do not exercise in a tired state or after stress, training will not be effective.
  3. It is advisable not to train more than an hour a day. Moreover, this time period can be divided into several parts, this will avoid overwork.
  4. Do not be in a hurry, because in a set of texts, not speed, but quality is important. Even if you type the text quickly, in the end, you still have to spend time correcting the mistakes made in a hurry.
  5. Try to remember how the buttons on the keyboard are located. To do this, start with the first row.Look at it for a few minutes, then try to reproduce all the letters in the correct order on a piece of paper. Once one row is mastered, go to the next, then memorize the entire keyboard as a whole.
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