To dream of a bear: interpretation of a dream

The bear in many cultures personifies the owner of nature - the local god. But at the same time, he can be both good defenders and evil pranksters. To dream of a bear is to make a very difficult decision in real life.

Dreaming Veles

The dreamed bear becomes a symbol of loss - in reality you have a strong and cunning enemy. But if you count your moves, then the danger will pass by.

A runaway animal is a symbol of minor troubles, but calling for it is a change in the working group. There is a chance that you will be offered a new position.

Freund's Dream

Running away from a bear is a subconscious desire to have sex in a public place.

The polar bear is a symbol of lies and deceit. And if in a dream it was a polar bear, then in the closest circle there is a person who is ready for treason. For a girl, such a dream says that she has a rival.

Seeing a wounded animal - in reality, gossip will be spread about you, discrediting honor and dignity.

Bear with babies - a symbol of the fact that you are too strict with your children. It is necessary to slightly loosen the grip. But another dream book interprets this dream differently: prosperity awaits you.

Knowing what it means to see a bear in a dream, you should show maximum caution in future affairs.

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