Top 10 best eye shadow shades

Shadows make the look more expressive and attractive. But how to determine among the huge variety of shades? Just purchase a palette with different tones. And which one deserves attention? Let's find out!

So, the top 10 best palette of eye shadow:

  1. If you prefer high-quality cosmetics and are ready to spend money to look stunning, then by all means get the MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow palette, and the shades A Waft of Gray will especially please you. This is a gray scale, but it is her most makeup artists consider universal, as it suits almost everyone. And if you consider that in the palette all the most favorite tones from light silver to the color “wet asphalt”, then you get the opportunity to create makeup for all occasions: light daytime, luxurious evening and exciting “Smoky eyes”. By the way, these shadows can be applied in two ways: dry or wet, slightly wetting the brush (this will make the make-up more saturated).
  2. In 2016, as in the past several seasons, beige nude “Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette” is very popular because they are considered universal since they are obedient to all ages.and such tones are appropriate in all cases. Many consider them plain and pale, but in fact it is not. And in the pallet "Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette" all the colors are exciting, but at the same time so tender and feminine. They fit perfectly on the skin due to the velvety but light texture. And the tones do not change. A pleasant bonus is the absence of parabens, phthalates and sulfates in the composition, so that the skin will remain fresh, healthy and young.
  3. "The Blushed Nudes" from "Maybelline New York" is one of the most distinct and delicate palettes. It consists of 12 tones, and although they are all nude, it’s impossible to call them pale or inconspicuous. Thanks to a subtle pink tone, they will refresh any image, but young beauties will especially appreciate them. Windy girls will be happy too, happy to change and catch enthusiastic glances, because the palette has both light colors that are perfect for creating daytime daily makeup, and more saturated, ideally combined with stylish cocktail dresses or chic evening ones. By the way, tones can be combined and even mixed, creating new interesting mixes!
  4. Dreaming about traveling to romantic Paris? Then start preparing for it and purchase the "My Parisian Pastel Palette" from "Lancome".Her palette is gentle, like a light warm wind, but at the same time sensual, like a French kiss. It is simply impossible not to love her. Attention is attracted, first of all, by a package similar to the one in which girls once kept crayons. And inside 9 tones, and such incredible and different! The texture also pleases, because it combines the advantages of creamy shadows and crumbly, which makes the application perfect, but simple. And to apply such a tool can not only forever! Yes, it can be used as a tint, blush or even a highlighter. And all this in one pallet, which should be in the purse of every self-respecting girl.
  5. “Couture Variation Nu” by YSL. Although the price of this palette is not the most affordable, it is worth the money! It is suitable for any occasion of life, because it has both natural matte nude tones, and satin tones with a subtle modulation, as well as complemented with a shimmer. And all the colors are chosen so that they can be combined in one image, but at the same time it will not seem vulgar or motley. Versatility is confirmed by the fact that the tool is ideal for both romantic blondes and burning brunettes, a little crazy and mischievous red and even sensual brown-haired women. Each will find something to their liking and taste.
  6. "I-Divine" from "Sleek MakeUP".This palette will give shadows with rich and persistent pigments that can withstand any party, as well as a rich weekday. The palette includes matte colors, and slightly iridescent, and shining. And special attention should be paid to the satin textures, because they lure, transforming the look and making it fascinating. The choice is wide: it is luxurious golden, and noble and rich dark brown, and youth lemon, and romantic pale pink, and many others. The price, by the way, is quite affordable, and this is another nice bonus.
  7. “Pastel Bright Eye Palette” from “Bobbi Brown” is a very gentle spring tones that will help emphasize the natural beauty and transform it, making the image more feminine and romantic. There are six shades in the palette: pink champagne, medium gray metallic, soft pastel pink, icy pale blue, creamy white and light silver shine. All of them are bright, but not at all pale, as they shine on the eyelids, making the look expressive, and the makeup - stylish. And although it would seem, there are not so many colors, but they are universal and will suit girls with any type of appearance.
  8. The brand "YSL" has presented one more amazing pallets, but a bright,juicy and so diverse - “Couture Palette for Summer”. If you want something old and a little crazy, then this is just what you need. In the palette of the most different, sometimes seemingly insane shades. But you should not be afraid: if you use them correctly, you can create not only catchy images, but also restrained, everyday ones. In the palette there are pearl shimmering shadows, associated with something festive, and dull, more calm. Tones can be shaded, combined, mixed. By the way, it is a persistent means that in summer in the heat and beaches season it is more than appropriate.
  9. “Too Faced Pretty Rebel Eyeshadow Palette” If you are used to catching yourself with enthusiastic or even surprised looks, then this palette is for you. There are 10 tones in it, and they are all catchy, saturated and even somewhat provocative. But this season to be bright - stylish. And it is also very interesting and simple. After all, the tool comes with detailed instructions with descriptions of different makeup options. You easily master the basics of make-up and learn how to create incredible images! By the way, there are no parabens in the composition, and it pleases. But there is freedom of flight of your imagination. Be creative, amaze and be surprised!
  10. "Dior Bonne Etoile Eyeshadow Palette". Listing popular luxury shadows, you should name this palette.In general, the brand “Dior” is associated with many with wealth, luxury and impeccable taste, and the palette of this tool once again proves all these qualities. But even girls from high society sometimes want to shine and attract attention, but in this shining saturated tone will help. If you, on the contrary, want to look more modest and make the image more delicate, then use almost weightless and airy colors.
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