Top 10 most favorite and popular breeds of cats (10 photos)

The cat is probably the first popular pet. These animals are loved by adults and children. But there are breeds that are considered the most popular and favorite among the "cat owner".

Top 10 most favorite and popular breeds of cats:

1. Siamese catnot only incredibly beautiful, but also very smart. One has only to look at these clear blue eyes, and one can fall in love practically at first sight. The hair of such cats is short and rather dense, the color in the main part of the body is beige, and on the face, the tips of the paws and the tail is dark brown.

Thailand is considered the birthplace of the breed. These cats are loved not only for their bright appearance, but also for their character. Some mistakenly believe that all Siamese are very aggressive, but in reality this is not the case. Yes, the breed is characterized by a penchant for jealousy and a keen sense of possessiveness.

Siamese cat

But these cats are tied to the owner and loyal to him. And these animals are very active, inquisitive and incredibly playful.Siamese do not tolerate loneliness and ignorance, and may be offended. But if you give your pet love and care, it will be affectionate and kind.

2. Persian rockconsidered one of the most popular and oldest breeds in the world. Many in these animals attract incredibly long and fluffy hair (although it can be considered a big minus), as well as a funny face with a flat nose. Persian color can be almost anything. These animals can not live outside the home and away from people, in such conditions they just die.


Persian cat is reasonable, calm and intelligent. She rarely gives a voice, and if she demands something, she will simply sit next to her master and look at him closely. Most of the life such a pet will spend on the couch or in a specially reserved for him cozy place, but if you offer him fun fun, he will play with pleasure. Persians are not at all aggressive and rather curious.

3. Bengal catslove, above all, for their amazing color, reminiscent of the color of the leopard. Initially, the Bengali breed was wild, these cats lived in the forests of Asia and were on the verge of extinction.But thanks to American breeder Jean Mill, the breed was not only preserved, but also transformed.

Bengal cat

The wildcat was crossed with a domestic cat, and the result was an unusual mixture of wild temperament and the disposition of pets. Bengal cats have a strong hunting instinct, so they catch mice with pleasure, but for some reason they practically don’t eat them. Such a pet is very playful, especially when it comes to the pursuit of some objects.

Bengal cats are non-aggressive, if properly educate them. A kitten from the first days should be taught in the hands. In aviary conditions, the cat can turn into absolutely wild.

4. Ragdoll. The name of this breed from English literally translates as "rag doll." And it is this definition that fully describes the nature of these pets. They are so calm and good-natured that they can be taken on their hands, stroked, hugged and not worried because of the risk of being scratched. Ragdoll perfectly gets on with children and implicitly endures all their whims and games.


An interesting feature of the breed is a kind of inhibition, relaxation and inertness of the muscles.The pet will agree with any position of the body that the owner will offer him.

Ragdoll is strongly attached to the owner and does not tolerate loneliness. In addition, cats of this breed are quite smart, so they quickly get used to the tray, they understand some commands and can pour out the intonation of human speech.

5. Maine Coon- cat breed, which was bred in the United States. The weight of an adult cat reaches 12-15 kilograms, the average length is 1 meter. The muzzle is elongated, the cheekbones are high, the ears are rather large and erect. But, despite the formidable and even frightening appearance, these animals have a rather calm character. They are affectionate with their masters and with all the household, but careful in relation to unfamiliar and strangers.

Maine Coon

The Maine Coons are peaceful, docile, obedient and intelligent. They do not like confined spaces, so they do not climb into cabinets and boxes. Such a pet will quickly get used to the tray and will use a scraper instead of a sofa. These cats are very careful and reasonable, they understand the commands and are easy to train.

6. Russian blue catgot this name due to the interesting color of wool with blue shimmer.Such animals have dense wool and a well-built body. The muzzle is slightly elongated, the ears are quite large and slightly apart.

Russian blue cat

A Russian blue cat is a clever and patient hunter who will wait for the prey as much as necessary, and eventually will catch it. Although such a pet is peaceful, kind and obedient, but still he loves freedom and appreciates independence. With someone else's pet will behave very restrained and even wary, but the owner can allow almost everything, since he appreciates it. Representatives of this breed like coziness and affection, often purring and caressing.

7.No less popularBritish breed. The British cat is a real gentleman, and this is noticeable not only in appearance, but also in the behavior of the animal. Appearance is very outstanding: short dense wool, powerful paws, large body, quite bulky, but at the same time a nice face. Representatives of this breed are distinguished by their independence and waywardness.

Lilac Briton

They value their masters, but they will not tolerate liberties on their part. So if you decide to take the britain or pat, then, most likely, he will not be pleased and will respond to your impulse with resistance.

But such a pet will be waiting for you from work and expressing its positive emotions, however, very peculiar. The Briton can sit next to you and even “talk”, tell about how the day went. But the loneliness of the pet will endure calmly, therefore this breed is considered the most suitable for businessmen.

8. American breedbegan to gain its popularity in the 60s of last year, but the ancestors of these cats came to the United States about three hundred years ago. The size of an adult animal is impressive, the males having a powerful chest, muscular paws are especially well built.

American cat

The color is variegated and interesting, it can vary from white or gray to brown and almost black. All Americans are hardy and very brave, they easily jump from a great height and over long distances. In addition, the representatives of this breed are excellent hunters, but at the same time they are very friendly and affectionate towards the owners. These cats are smart and well trained.

9. Manx or Manx cat- A pet whose birthplace is the Isle of Man, which gave the name to the breed. A distinctive feature of the manxes is the absence of a tail (it is the result of mutations).But It is worth noting that not all representatives are absolutely tailless, some of them still have a tail, but in most cases it is short (although in some individuals its length is as close to normal as possible).


A special gene is present in the DNA of such animals, but if two individuals of this breed are crossed, the presence of two genes will lead to the death of the entire offspring. By their nature, the Menxes are quite calm, friendly and affectionate.

They are favorable not only to their owner, but also to all family members. Activity is average, but these cats love to play. The pet will not demand heightened attention to itself, but it will certainly enjoy pleasure and caressing from purring.

10. Sphinx. Although some of this breed is not happy, but it is very popular. A distinctive feature is the absence of wool. These cats require care and love to be in the spotlight.


They can spend hours on the hands of the owner and are supportive of unfamiliar people. Sphinxes are clever, intelligent and very capricious. They do not tolerate loneliness well, but at the same time they can climb onto the closet and spend the whole day there, watching their host from a height.

These were the most popular breeds of cats.

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