Top 10 most interesting films for family viewing

If your family likes to watch movies, then you probably will be interested to know which of them are recommended for family viewing and are the most interesting.

Top 10 best movies for family viewing:

1. "Beethoven". The protagonist of the film is not a famous musician and composer at all, but a large and slightly awkward dog of the St. Bernard breed. The pet got into the family as a small, weak and defenseless puppy. But over time, Beethoven turned into a huge, strong and shaggy dog ​​that leaves tufts of wool everywhere and literally blows everything in its path.

Of course, the dog does all this not from evil, but still such tricks are very angry with the father of the family, who begins to quietly hate Beethoven. But then the children are delighted with the pet, because for them he could become a true friend and a wonderful companion for games.


And yet, dad is constantly thinking about how to get rid of the dog, which spoils everything around.But can he decide on this if Beethoven becomes a real helper? After all, for such some pranks can be forgiven and forgotten. This film will certainly not leave indifferent either children or adults.

2. "Curly Sue". Bill Dancer is a simple tramp. Curly Sue is an orphan girl who has no idea what a normal childhood is. She does not play with dolls, does not communicate with her peers, and does not even go to school. The curator of the cute curly sue is Bill.

Of course, the role of the ideal father and a role model succeeds Dunser with difficulty, but still he loves Sue and does everything to make her happy. And the girl also responds with love. These two hang around the streets and commit small-scale frauds in order to earn money for food and survive.

Curly Sue

Once in Chicago, this couple decides to turn a rather large and promised to become a profitable business. They stage an accident in which Bill gets under the wheels of an expensive car. Behind the wheel is a rich woman. Frightened, she invites Dancer and Sue to live in her luxurious mansion. And such a life for the fraudsters is to their liking, because they always dreamed about it.

3. “Two: me and my shadow”- classic family movie.And although the film is quite old, and the actresses have long turned from cute babes into adult and successful girls, it’s worth watching. Two girls look like each other like two drops of water. No, they are not sisters or even relatives, but fate has presented them a gift in the form of a chance meeting. Amanda is an orphan and a rebel who lives in a shelter, plays boyish games and loves her teacher Diana very much.

Me and my Shadow

Elissa is a quiet and modest girl who lives with her dad in a luxurious mansion. Papa Elissa wants to marry a nasty person who wants to get a fortune of a man. But suddenly everything changes. Amanda and Elissa meet quite casually in a summer children's camp and, of course, are surprised, but quickly make friends and find a common language. In addition, the girls are beginning to develop a plan that will prevent Elissa's father from marrying a cheat, and also help him to mix with sweet and kind Diana.

4. "Home Alone". If you have already seen this film, then by all means watch it again with the child, he will definitely like this comedy. The McCalister family decides to go on a Christmas break from a Chicago suburb to Paris. And since the family is quite large, the fees turn into a stir.

Alone at home

The whole house is turned upside down and packed with suitcases.On the eve of the departure, the youngest child, Kevin, swears with his brother Buzz, goes to sleep in the attic and makes a wish to never see his family again. And here comes the long-awaited day trip. Everyone leaves the house, but no one notices that Kevin, eight, remains in the house. He understands that the desire has been fulfilled and is having a lot of fun.

But there are thieves who want to rob the house McCalister. They find out that there is only one stupid boy in the house, and they are planning a crime. But who knew that Kevin would be so smart and be able to repel opponents? They will surely regret having run into him.

5. "The history of the dolphin"- A film about the real story of friendship of a simple boy and a brave and intelligent dolphin. Eleven-year-old Sawyer walks along the beach and finds a dolphin thrown to the shore and wounded. He fell into a crab trap and lost his tail fin. The tail for dolphins is very important, as it helps them to swim, and without it they simply cannot live.

Dolphin story

But Sawyer decides to help the dolphin at any cost and finds like-minded people. Employees of the aquarium care for the female dolphin and eliminate the consequences of a serious injury. She becomes for everyone a real favorite and gets the nickname Winter.

A talented prosthetist manufactures a unique prosthesis, which had never been heard of before. The dolphin is implanted with a new tail, thanks to which Winter re-learns to swim. Now she can start the old life. And, of course, she will never forget her loyal friend Sawyer, who saved her life.

6. "Alien"- a touching story about the friendship of a boy and an alien creature. In the story, scientists notice activity in the sky and find out that a spacecraft has arrived on Earth. They decide to by all means find extra-terrestrial guests in order to establish contact with them.


The operation begins to capture aliens, but they get scared and leave the planet, although they arrived with peaceful goals and wanted to know how earth people live. But in a hurry, aliens forget one of their own. In California, his family lives shy and reticent boy Eliot, who accidentally encounters an alien.

The creature looks rather intimidating, but still Eliot overcomes fear and decides to help the alien to hide from the scientists and connect with the ship of his fellows. An exciting adventure begins, which will allow the aliens and the Earth boy to become true friends.

7. "Oh, who would say". Surely everyone was wondering what the baby was thinking in the womb of the mother.After viewing this film, you will get the opportunity to find out. Molly is dating a married man who constantly promises to leave his wife and marry a girl. But it turns out that Molly is not the only lover of Albert.

Oh, who would say

She is plunged into despair, and when she finds out that she is pregnant by Albert, she simply does not know what to do. But the baby, who grows up in the stomach of Molly, has his own thoughts and expresses them. The girl finds a friend of James, he agrees to sit with the newborn Mickey and in every way helps the young mother.

But no one suspects that the crumb has an inner voice and is happy to comment on events happening around. By the way, Bruce Willis himself voiced Mickey.

8. "The Adventures of Paddington"- A film about a cute and well-bred bear, who decided to move from far-away Peru to London and become a real gentleman. But, getting off the train and being at the station, he realizes that he has nowhere to go. Fortunately, the baby meets the Brown family, who invites the bear cub to his home and names him after the station where he was found - Paddington.

Adventures of Paddington

It seems that life has improved.Paddington is happy and has become a true friend to everyone and a full-fledged member of the Brown family. But it turns out that the bear is waiting for real adventures and even danger.

9. "Baby". This film is very old, Charlie Chaplin himself was filmed in it, but still the viewing will definitely leave the most positive emotions among all family members. In the story of a little boy, almost immediately after birth, a mother leaves, hoping that rich people will provide their son with a better future.


But the tramp finds the child, he literally saves the kid and decides to shelter him. The child is growing up and helps his savior to turn the scam and earn a living. But the baby falls ill, and the man takes him to the hospital, where it turns out that the child is a tramp, which means that he needs to be sent to a shelter. But still the kid and the tramp are waiting for exciting and fun adventures.

10. “Extraterrestrial echo”. Teenagers Task, Munch and Alex are friends who live in a quiet small town. Soon they have to part, as a large highway is being built, and all residents are forced to find new homes. But suddenly mysterious and incomprehensible messages come to the boys' phones.

Extraterrestrial Echo

Parents and authorities believe that this is someone's joke.And yet, friends decide to unravel the mystery of the messages and go on a journey in which they find something that sends signals. The creature does not look like humans, but it does not have the frightening appearance of the aliens, who are used to seeing everyone in films. It needs help and asks for new acquaintances about it.

These were the best family films.

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