Top 10 most popular TV shows of the 90s

Soaps, perhaps, watched all. And before that they were especially popular. But which of them were considered the best in the 90s of the last century?

We offer the top 10 best TV shows of the 90s:

  1. "Wild Angel"- A story about a poor orphan girl who dreamed of becoming happy, published in the late 90s. Milagros, who was recently a pupil of the monastery, gets a job as a maid in a wealthy family, meets Ivo’s son and falls in love with his masters. He also has feelings for Millie's rebel, but lovers cannot be together. Each of them has a lot of problems to be solved. Ivo is full of fans who are ready for anything, and Milagros is too proud to win a guy and prove his love. But still the end of this story is happy.
  2. Alf. This comedy series about an unusual creature was shown several times by different channels. According to the plot, Alf, who flew in from Melmak and settled in Los Angeles, survived the explosion and, on his ship, got directly into the garage of the most ordinary Tanner family.The head of the family called the alien Alpha and agreed not only to shelter the stranger, but also to protect him from the Division engaged in the study of extraterrestrial life forms. Alf is incredibly curious, voracious, self-confident, grumbling and a little rude. But everyone loves him, because he knows how to joke and have fun, and also sincerely treats everyone. The basis of the plot is the adventures of Alpha on Earth and his acquaintance with new people.
  3. "Santa Barbara". This series, perhaps, was watched by almost everyone, and when new series appeared, the streets of almost all Russian cities became quiet. In total, 2137 episodes were filmed. The show began in 1992 and ended only in 2002. And this cult series tells about the full variety of events in the life of the Capwell family, which lives in the city of Santa Barbara. But viewers are also introduced to other families, such as the eternal rivals of the main characters, Lockridge, as well as the Andrade and Perkins who are faced with similar problems. In the first season, something important happened, which determined the storyline of the next few seasons. Five years before the events described in the film, Channing Capwell Jr. was killed.Joe Parkins was found guilty, but he was released from prison ahead of time. And he decides to return to Santa Barbara to prove his innocence, find a real killer and find out what really happened.
  4. "Simply Maria"- This is the third story, which was shown by the First Channel in 1993. Maria is a poor, simple peasant woman who came to a big city to earn and provide for herself and her family left in the village. The girl meets with Juan Carlos, in whom he almost immediately falls in love. He reciprocates, but his family is against such a relationship. Yes, and Juan himself does not know what he wants, so he is just hiding after learning about Mary’s pregnancy. But the girl decides to leave the child and after years becomes a famous fashion designer. The son of the heroine José Ignacio studies at a prestigious university and once he meets a girl Laurita. But when she found out that she was from a family that had once abandoned him and her mother, the guy rejected Laura. Next, events unfold that will change the lives of almost all the characters.
  5. "Tropikanka"- Brazilian TV series, which was released in 1995. In the story, a young, attractive and, to all other, rich Leticia, who just turned 17, understands that she has fallen in love.And all would be nothing, but her chosen one was poor fisherman Ramiro, who is older than a girl by as much as seven years. The heroine decides to give up everything and tie her fate with her beloved. A couple settles in a hut and spends a honeymoon. But Ramiro is forced to go to sea. He gets into the boat and promises Leticia that he will soon return to play a magnificent wedding and start a happy family life. The girl is waiting for the groom for three months, but from him there is no news. Realizing that the guy just threw it, Leticia went abroad to continue their studies. Ramiro returns and decides that the bride chose a different life. But after twenty years, lovers are destined to meet again.
  6. "Helen and the Guys"- French TV series, which has become a cult and very popular among young people. It was released in the mid-90s in many European countries. In the story, three young people (Etienne, Nicolas and Christian) go to university, but they do not dream of a brilliant career, but of the glory of rock stars. And that's why all the guys who are free from studies are devoted to rehearsals. One day, having entered a cafe at U Alfredo, young people meet Helen and Katy, who are studying in the second year of the same faculty.Soon there is a third girl - an American Joanna. Gradually, all young people are broken up in pairs, but the fourth member José joins the band, to whom the whole company is also seeking to find a companion. Heroes fall into ridiculous stories and scrapes, and also face such pressing issues as sects, violence, safe sex and drugs.
  7. "Friends". This youth series has become one of the most popular in the 90s. It told about six friends: Monica, Rachel, Joey, Ross, Chandler and Phoebe. They all live together (some even in the same apartment), communicate closely, have fun, joke, try to lead an adult serious life, share their secrets and give each other advice and, of course, sometimes fall in love, sometimes even with each other. Easy, interesting, cheerful and optimistic comedy story, which, by the way, made Jennifer Aniston popular.
  8. Beverly Hills 90210- one of the most interesting youth TV shows of the 90s. In the story, the twins from the Walsh family find themselves in a prestigious Beverly Hills area among the so-called golden youth of that time.
  9. "New victim"- Brazilian TV series, appearing on Russian television from 1996 to 1997. This is not just a melodrama, because the plot also included a detective line. In addition, the authors touched on a lot of topical issues, such as infidelity and adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, drug addiction and so on. The story began on a rainy morning, when a heavy downpour fell on the roofs of houses, and in the office of one of the offices the bell rang, which turned out to be alarming and fatal. Paulo Soares responded and hurriedly left his office. A man runs out into the street and tries to catch a taxi, but suddenly a black car knocks him down. And he - the first victim, because then there will happen a whole series of brutal murders committed by the Chinese calendar. Heroes and spectators will find out who is the criminal.
  10. Twin Peaks- American TV series in two seasons, appearing in the early 90s. By the way, the third season may come out in 2017, which, of course, all the fans are waiting for. In the story, FBI agent Dale Cooper begins an investigation into the murder of Laura Palmer, a high school student, whose body was found in a lake and wrapped in a plastic bag.Dale has to find the killer, and viewers have the opportunity to plunge into the life of the small provincial town of Twin Peaks, in which all the main events unfold. While the investigation that is being conducted by Cooper, Sheriff Truman and his assistant, continues, it turns out that civilians in the city are not at all as harmless and law-abiding as it seems at first glance. Each of them has its drawbacks and hides the skeleton in the closet. But who killed Laura? This is to be found out.

These were our favorite shows.

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