Top 10 of the most eternal Walt Disney cartoons

Walt Disney is an incredibly talented animator, screenwriter, actor, producer, founder of Walt Disney Productions, as well as just a good man who gave the world a lot of amazing cartoons that we all love and enjoy watching every day. And which of them can be called the best?

Top 10 Best Walt Disney Cartoons:

1. Cinderella- the most real classics which, nevertheless, does not cease to remain popular. A cartoon about a poor girl who, in her own home, became a servant girl at the behest of her stepmother, began to be created in 1944, but it was released only after 6 long years. Everyone sympathized with Cinderella, everyone was worried about this fragile and unhappy poor thing.


But, of course, good triumphed over evil, and justice prevailed, because Cinderella went to the ball in a magnificent dress and met a charming prince there who fell in love with her.

By the way, the first short version of the picture Walt Disney created in 1922. And after the release of the full-length film, the creators supplemented it every 8-10 years and released new versions.

2. "Beauty and the Beast". This cartoon studio was released in rent in 1991 and managed to collect as much as 337 million dollars, and at that time this amount was simply fabulous.

The picture became a kind of intermediate link between modern animation and classical, and was also recognized as a cultural asset and presented several Oscars to its creators at once. In addition, this masterpiece forced to cling to the screens not only children and adolescents, but also their parents.

The beauty and the Beast

According to the plot, the beautiful girl Belle is enchanted in a chic castle and has to spend all her time alone. But suddenly she accidentally sees the owner of the palace, which is a real monster. Belle is frightened and runs away from the castle, but soon realizes that the monster has become dear to her.

3. "The Lion King". This cartoon was released in the early 90s of the last century, received a lot of awards and became one of the most popular, released on videotapes. Surely almost everyone saw this masterpiece and wept bitter tears upon learning of the death of one of the main characters - the lion Mufasa.

Lion king

The creators of this animated film managed to show the audience a unique fauna, untouched by man, with its inhabitants, who adopted the fabulous appearance, as well as strict rules and laws.This masterpiece has paid off with interest and is still considered the first among those drawn at the box office.

The plot is simple, but interesting. In the African savanna unfolding this fierce struggle for the title of leader. And in the center of events is Simba the Lion, who is the legitimate heir of the ruler and the future king-lion.

4. "Peter Pen". This cartoon tells the story of the spirit of childhood - Peter Pen, who takes three children to the island of Neverland. On it live evil and treacherous pirates, and children do not grow up.

Peter pen

The picture became so popular that many years after the release of the original version a sequel was shot, released in 2002 and named Peter Pen in Netlandia.

5. “Pocahontas”. This animated film was released almost immediately after the acclaimed film "The Lion King". This is a heartfelt story about the Indian princess Pocahontas, who met a white man - Captain John Smith.


The girl fell in love with him, but this love was forbidden, since John and the princess belonged to two different warring nations. Thanks to this creation, the world first saw a real animated drama.

6. “Bambi”- This is the fifth full-length classic animated cartoon based on the book of the same name by the Australian writer Felks Zalten.

The picture begins with the fact that the prince of the forest, Bambi deer, is born. The kid begins to explore the world and become acquainted with other forest dwellers, among whom Felin is especially sympathetic to him. But Bambi’s serene childhood ends when hunters kill his mom. The father of the fawn Prince of the Forest supports his son as much as he can, but he remains inconsolable.


And yet life goes on, and Bambi grows and turns into an adult and brave deer. He again meets Felin, whom he has not seen for a long time, and realizes that she is his destiny. Happily prevents a fire that swallowed the whole forest.

And yet, in place of the ashes, a new dwelling for forest dwellers gradually grows. This animated film was nominated for an Oscar at once in several nominations, but did not receive any.

7. “Aladdin”- a cartoon about the mysteries and mysteries of the East, as well as its inhabitants. This creation of the company was recognized as one of the best. The film won two Oscars, as well as 30 other equally prestigious and important awards, including the Grammy and the MTV Award.


A little later the series was presented, but he could not impress the audience.According to the story, a young, charismatic and cheerful thief named Aladdin accidentally finds himself in captivity in the greedy vizier of Jafar, who dreams to capture the whole world. Aladdin can help him, delivering an ancient artifact - the Jinnah lamp.

And he, of course, does this by releasing the funny and cheerful Genie, who immediately became the darling of the audience. And Aladdin meets the beautiful princess Jasmine, who responds to the feelings of the guy and decides to go in defiance of his father, the sultan.

8. "Pinocchio". This creation was supposed to be the third cartoon that was released by the film studio, and come out after the Bambi film. But the production of the latter was delayed, and as a result, the wooden boy Pinocchio saw the light earlier (in 1940), and the cartoon became the second in the history of “Walt Disney Productions”. In the story, a carpenter, Jepetto, makes a doll out of a log, calling her Pinocchio.


The old man makes a wish and asks for the doll to come alive. On the same night, a kind fairy fulfills Jepetto's wish. The wooden boy dreams of becoming real and is ready to literally everything to fulfill his desire.

But he gets to the puppeteer of Stromboli, who locks Pinocchio. A wooden boy will have to overcome many obstacles, but if he shows his honesty, courage and kindness, he can become a man.

9. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"- the first in the history of cinema and one of the eternal full-length cartoon, released by the film studio "Walt Disney Productions". According to the story, her stepmother sends her stepdaughter to the forest, where she meets seven gnomes. The girl is happy and surrounded by care. But the stepmother finds out that Snow White is alive and tries to kill her, and as a result she almost succeeds.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The girl falls asleep with eternal sleep, but the love of the handsome prince overcomes the spell. This tale, written by the Grimm brothers, was Walt Disney’s childhood dream, so he wrote the script himself. The cartoon was released back in 1937, and two years later he was recognized as one of the best, for which Walt won the prestigious Academy Award.

By the way, 7 small, symbolizing gnomes were attached to the main statuette. This masterpiece received the recognition of critics and allowed the studio to become a real corporation, and its creator - to make a huge amount of money. By the way, worked on the cartoon for 3 years.

10. The Little Mermaid. This cartoon, based on the work of the same name by the great Hans Christian Andersen, was able to become so popular that the animated series was later released, which the audience also approved.They appreciated this creation and critics, and especially pleased with their musical accompaniment.


Thus, the creators received several awards for the song and music. In the story, a little mermaid named Ariel, who lives in the depths of the sea and is the youngest daughter of the sea king Triton, accidentally meets the handsome prince and falls in love with him at first sight. She dreams to connect her life with her lover and is ready to do anything to fulfill her dream and become a real girl.

Have you seen all these cartoons?

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