Top 10 places where death awaits you

There are many beautiful, fascinating and amazing places on the planet, and among them there are dangerous ones, and deadly ones! Find out where it is best not to appear.

So, the top 10 places on the planet where death awaits you:

  1. Keymada Grandi. This island, located near Brazil in the Atlantic Ocean, also called Snake, and for good reason. This small piece of land rises 200 meters and occupies no more than 0.4 square kilometers of land, but is considered one of the most dangerous places on the planet. And this is explained by the fact that many snakes live here, and deadly ones. So, after the bite of a poisonous island botrops, tissue necrosis begins rapidly. This is followed by acute renal failure, as well as cerebral hemorrhage and gastrointestinal bleeding. Death occurs in about 7-10% of cases. The number of snakes at Keimada-Grandi is very large: on average, from one to five individuals per square meter of territory. Visiting this creepy place is prohibited by the authorities for the safety of people as well as the preservation of fauna.
  2. Namaskarda Underground Volcanoes. Walking on this land is incredibly dangerous, because every curious traveler who happened to be here can fall for a few seconds and find himself in boiling lava or get a severe burn from a sulfur fountain. This is a strange and deadly place in Iceland, and it is considered one of the most active volcanic points of the planet. The territory looks quite normal, but the underground part is literally riddled with volcanoes. On the surface one can find fumaroles (holes through which hot steam escapes) and solfarats - vapors with impurities of hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. All these wonders of nature make the terrain very dangerous.
  3. Lake of Death in Sicily. It looks fascinating, but the first impression is deceptive and incorrect. In this reservoir there is not a single plant and a living organism, and it is extremely dangerous to approach it. The reason for this is sulfuric acid, which practically replaces the water in the lake. It dissolves all life in seconds, bringing death. Many scientists argued about the origin of the reservoir. Some claimed that the waters eroded the calcareous rocks of the nearby mountains and were enriched with acids.Others have put forward a version that at the bottom of the lake there are two sources filling it with concentrated sulfuric acid. And this statement, according to the researchers, was proved.
  4. Danakil. This desert is located in Ethiopia and is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. First, it is incredibly hot here, and the sun burns so that it literally burns everything in its path. Secondly, there are volcanoes in the territory, many of which are active and periodically erupt. Thirdly, in the air there are poisonous vapors emerging from the bowels of the earth, which can be poisoned. Fourthly, the territory is literally covered with oil and sulfur lakes. But, despite all these threats and dangers, the desert of Danakil is incredibly beautiful and attracts tourists who are very at risk when coming here.
  5. North Sentyl Island. There are no dangerous plants, animals or volcanoes on it, and the people living here are dangerous to it. This is a tribe that lives by its own rules and traditions and rejects all the benefits of civilization. But it is not strange, but the fact that the indigenous islanders vehemently protect their lands and do not want to see aliens on them.Anyone encroaching on this territory can instantly get a poisoned spear or arrow. The territory of the island is in the possession of the Indian authorities, but in fact is independent and uncontrollable. The government of India is aware of this problem, but tries not to interfere in the life of the tribe and to mention it as rarely as possible.
  6. Death Valley in Kamchatka. This mysterious and anomalous place is located in Russia and is compared to the Danakil desert. And this is due to the most dangerous fumes escaping from the depths of the earth. The area was discovered more than forty years ago: during the expedition, researchers noticed that the place was almost dead: there were no plants on it, and the ground was covered with corpses of various animals. As it turned out later, vapors from the underground layers periodically come out with a high concentration of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide, causing asphyxiation. Later, cyanide compounds were found in the air, with a more rapid toxic effect.
  7. Dallol. This town is located in Ethiopia (by the way, not far from the Danakil depression, which is part of the desert of the same name) and has the fame of one of the hottest places.Previously, miners worked here, but because of the danger of this place, the activity was stopped. Not far from the town is the Dallol volcano, and although it has not erupted for more than 50 years, there is information about its activity, that is, the tragedy can occur at any time. But without it, it is very dangerous here, because the average air temperature is 36-37 degrees, and sulfur and hot fumes break out from the boiling sources.
  8. Quicksand Arnside. Sand, so pleasant to the touch, can be very dangerous if it is combined with water. This is exactly what happens in the city of Arnside, which is dominated by strong ebbs and flows. The rushing water infiltrates the sand and reduces the cohesion between the grains of sand, changing the density of the total mass and making it quicksand. After ebb, the surface dries quickly and looks like a regular beach. But anyone who steps here will instantly fall and be sucked into the thickness of the sand. At first the victim sticks and falls into a trap, and then drowns at a rapid tide (the water rises by nine to ten meters). The coast of Arnside is considered one of the most dangerous places in the world, and over the past forty years more than one hundred and fifty people have died.
  9. Mount Washington. The one who will be here, much regret. This harsh and unfriendly place is famous for sharp changes in weather conditions. First, you can be hit by a huge amount of snow, then the temperature drops sharply below 40-45 degrees. Then it can only be worse, because if the local strong icy wind blows (by the way, its speed can exceed 300 kilometers in part), you will literally be carried away or swept away by a blizzard. Almost in any scenario, you will inevitably die if there is no shelter in time. So if you decide to go to this place, then think a few times before taking the risk.
  10. New Zealand forests. It is strewn with various plants and beautiful terrain that is fraught with danger. The main threat to life is the so called netga tree. Its trunk is literally covered with sharp spines containing a toxic mixture of formic acid and histamine, causing severe burns of soft tissue. Another inhabitant-killer of the New Zealand forest is a stinging tree, in contact with which there is a burn. The lesion is covered with spots, gradually merging into one tumor.If the contact was prolonged and the impact was strong, severe intoxication may develop. One reported case of human death is known, but probably more people died. Animals die in these forests all the time.

These were the most dangerous places on the planet, which are definitely not worth visiting.

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