Top 10 reasons to give up alcohol forever

You would like to give up such a dependence for a long time, but for some reason you still haven’t come to this? And this is despite the fact that everyone knows: alcohol is bad, and it is absolutely unimportant in what doses you take it, “only on holidays” or rather “regularly”.

Of course, he has some advantages, for example, with moderate drinking, prevention of vascular diseases is carried out, but not everyone is able to keep on this fine line of “moderation”.

As a result, there are numerous health problems, problems in your personal life and personal tragedies that may not be encountered at every step, but still have a place to be.

Studies show that in our country, on average, every sixth person completely refuses to drink, everyone has his own reasons, but why should not the rest follow a positive example?

If you still have not abandoned such bad habits, then you probably did not find a valid reason that would eliminate all the flimsy “virtues” of alcohol.We will offer you your top 10 reasons that may turn your perception upside down and help you get rid of the habit.

  1. The main and most unquestionable reason that makes many people give up alcohol is, of course, its harmful effects on human health. You probably heard more than once about its negative impact, but you hardly knew that, on average, a person who regularly drinks alcohol in a small amount (at least once a week), by the age of 30 will have an impressive list of diseases associated with the stomach, liver, heart, kidneys and reproductive system. Not everyone knows that under the influence of alcohol, the heart increases, scars form on its tissues, which lead to various kinds of heart attacks.
  2. Did you know that even a one-time use of such a poison, otherwise it can not be called, can destroy several thousand brain cells! This process is irreversible: under the influence of alcohol, erythrocytes stick together, contribute to the blockage of microcapillaries, which leads to oxygen starvation, and, subsequently, neuron death, which are excreted in the urine.The result - the degradation and decomposition of the individual.
  3. It is not a secret for anyone that your appearance also depends on your health condition: swelling, bags under the eyes, pallor, bad teeth and poor physical shape - all these are consequences of drinking alcoholic beverages. It will be more and more difficult to bring yourself into shape, especially with the passage of time, in any case, if you do not have time to give up the addiction.
  4. Are you going to plan kids? Then consider that any alcoholic beverages affect the structure of the genetic code of human DNA. It has long been proven that the majority of cases of birth of children with disabilities in health and lagging behind in mental development are children born to parents who drink alcohol.
  5. It may seem to someone that a glass of vodka or a couple of glasses of wine can elevate mood, cope with manifestations of depression and distract from any problems. In fact, this state is deceptive. Like any drug, alcohol plunges a person into a state of euphoria, which affects the psyche for 1-1.5 hours. After that comes the depression state, which can be accompanied by outbreaks of aggression and even panic fear.The degree of reaction decreases, the mind becomes clouded, and normal thinking becomes impossible in this state, which leads to numerous accidents on the basis of alcoholic intoxication: accidents, murders, household quarrels and so on.
  6. Liquor feeds all chronic diseases that exist in the body, and its decay products erode the vitality of a person, reducing his mental and physical activity.
  7. Have you ever thought about how much money is spent on such a "pleasure"? Even if it may seem that a bottle of something hot, on average, is not so expensive, then count how much money, in total, is spent in a month. And in a year? Every holiday, every meeting with friends and so on. If you count everything together, then with this money you could please your relatives with something, buy a good gift for a child or, perhaps, fulfill some of your old dream.
  8. Believe it or not, each use of alcohol has a strong effect on the spiritual world of man, and, to be precise, closes the chakras for 2-3 years, through which a person is connected with the divine energy.It turns out that one faith in God is not enough, perhaps for some it's not an argument, however, it's worth knowing about it.
  9. Have you thought about who benefits? We drink alcoholic beverages, squander our money and health on them, and someone earns a good deal on this. In fact, someone is cashing in on someone else's grief, remaining unpunished, but rather, on the contrary, rewarded.
  10. Unfortunately, people who regularly drink alcohol, rarely remain on the verge of what is permissible, more and more attached to the cup of the excruciating. As a result of this dependence, the social life of a person changes: not only at one job will they not tolerate the constant smell of fumes, tardiness and a swollen face, the social circle changes, and the person gradually, more and more closes in his problems and complexes.
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