Top 10 shampoos for oily hair

If you have oily hair, then you really need to find the right shampoo. But how to choose the best one?

How to make the right choice?

How to choose a shampoo suitable for oily hair? It is necessary to determine the functions that it must perform:

  • To combat fat in the roots, that is, to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands (it is their increased activity that is the main cause of excessive fat).
  • Effectively clean curls. If they are overly greasy, they may look heavily contaminated literally by the end of the day (assuming you washed them in the morning). The fact is that skin secretion attracts particles of dust and forms a raid on the hair, which creates the effect of untidiness.
  • Do not weight curls, because they already seem heavy.
  • Improve the condition of the scalp. Often, the epidermis suffers from an increased production of fat, so it needs special care. And some shampoos, unfortunately, can dry out the skin, and this will only aggravate the situation.

And now a few points worth paying attention to:

  • The package should be marked that the product is really suitable for oily hair type, and for regular use.
  • Examine the composition. Ideally, it should not contain silicones, since they form a film on the surface of the hair and skin, which, firstly, additionally stimulates the increased secretion of fat, and secondly, it noticeably weights the curls.
  • If you have combined hair, then choose a shampoo that is suitable for oily roots and dry tips, then you will get rid of high fat content, but do not overdry the curls.
  • You can buy shampoo at any store, including a specialized one, which exclusively sells cosmetics. But some you can find only in a pharmacy (as a rule, these are medical shampoos).
  • Some manufacturers produce products for men and for women. But, in fact, there is no fundamental difference, and the main differences are the smell and packaging design.

An overview of effective shampoos

We offer you the top 10 best shampoos for oily hair:

  1. "Nature Siberica volume and balance" has a lot of advantages. First, it restores the balance of the skin, and also helps to normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands.Secondly, there are no aggressive sulphates and harmful parabens in the composition, which is also good news. But the tool contains natural beneficial ingredients, for example, extracts of chamomile, nettle, oak bark, arctic raspberry and cedar elfin. By choosing this shampoo, you will provide a gentle and full care for oily hair, as well as their intensive cleansing and preservation of freshness. The smell is light and pleasant, as is the consistency. But here you should not wait for a lush foam, and this is due to the natural composition and the absence of foaming substances in it.
  2. If you transfer funds on a natural basis, you should include burdock shampoos in the list, and any brands. But especially popular refers to the brand "Amazing Agafya Series." This is a universal remedy that can be used not only as a shampoo, but also as a soap, dishwashing detergent, and so on. Surprisingly, the hair after washing looks well-groomed and not as greasy, perfectly cleaned and does not overdry. The cost is more than affordable, which pleases all women. And the burdock extract provides comprehensive care for the locks: it nourishes them, stops the process of falling out and stimulates active growth.
  3. Wella Regulate is a professional shampoo that eliminates not only increased fat content, but also its main cause - excessive activity of the sebaceous glands. Due to the regulation of their work, the condition of the hair is gradually normalized: they become less greasy, look clean and well-groomed. And it is very important that they do not overdry, and this is noted by almost all the fair sex who used the tool. The cost is not the lowest, but the expense is economical, so one bottle should last long.
  4. "Shauma 7 herbs." Many have managed to evaluate this tool, because it can be purchased at almost any store, but it is inexpensive. But the effect is amazing: the hair not only becomes less greasy and perfectly cleaned, but also noticeably strengthened over the entire length, due to which they look more well-groomed and healthy. The level of acidity is normal, so the tool is suitable for daily use and does not violate the natural balance of the skin. And all this thanks to the natural extracts of herbs and herbal decoctions, which are part of.
  5. “Lush Exotica” is a real exotic, which allows you to cope with high fat hair and gives a pleasant feeling.In the composition you can find orange oil, natural pineapple juice, sea salt (microcrystalline), freshly squeezed papaya juice and other components that remove excess sebum and intensively clean both hair and skin, and also delight with a unique aroma reminiscent of a real tropical paradise . Foaming such a tool is good, curls after applying remain soft. And to enhance the effect, you can use an air conditioner of the same brand.
  6. Shampoo "Clean line regulating". It contains extract of calendula and other equally useful natural components, for example, extracts from yarrow and calendula. They all have a complex effect: moisturize the skin and eliminate inflammation, purify the hair surface, ensure their nutrition, and also normalize the activity of sebaceous glands. As a result, with regular application, the curls become fresh, light, well-groomed and healthy. Another undeniable plus is the affordable price, which is almost all the funds of this brand.
  7. "Desert Essence" is made on the basis of an extract of peel of a lemon, and also essential oil of a tea tree.These natural ingredients effectively, but carefully remove excess sebum, cleanse the skin and eliminate inflammation. Also included in the extract is the organic root of the poppy, and it provides reliable protection against external negative factors, strengthens and restores the structure of the hair. The cost is quite high, but it is fully consistent with the quality, so you definitely will not regret such a purchase.
  8. "Green Mama Currant and nettle" - an effective remedy against fat. It is created according to ancient recipes and contains useful natural ingredients. Black currant is a source of vitamin C, which provides vascular strengthening and active hair growth. In addition, it regulates the activity of sebaceous glands. Nettle speeds up blood circulation, due to which the hair gets nourished and becomes healthier. By the way, there are practically no artificial additives in the composition, so you can not worry about the negative impact, it is extremely positive. The cost of shampoo is average.
  9. Schwarzkopf Professional BC Deep Cleansing was developed by the well-known company Schwarzkopf and is intended for deep cleansing. But it is so careful that it does not adversely affect either curls or scalp, and this is very important.Shampoo allows you to quickly remove not only excess sebum, but also the remnants of styling products. It is included in the professional cosmetics segment and is not suitable for regular use, it is worth considering. Among the active ingredients such as panthenol (it has regenerative and anti-inflammatory effects), arginine, keratin (it seals flakes and makes the curls smooth), cooling menthol.
  10. “L’Oreal Professional Pure Resource”. The cost is very high, but the shampoo is considered professional and of high quality. It is suitable for oily hair, and for normal hair, it provides intensive cleansing and removes any contamination, excess skin secretions, components and impurities of excessively hard water and even remnants of cosmetic and styling products. After use, the curls look well-groomed and healthy, they are not weighted and easy to comb. Daily use is acceptable.

It remains only to wish every girl and woman to choose the perfect shampoo for oily hair and forget about the problem.

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