Top 10 signs that a woman is happy

If a woman is happy, it can not be overlooked, because there are some signs that will certainly give out a lucky woman.

So, the top 10 signs of a happy woman:

1. A happy woman is pleased with her appearance.Even if her figure is imperfect, and she knows about some of her minor flaws, she will still feel as if she is a queen. After all, appearance is just a shell. And if happiness literally breaks out from within, then it will surely break through this shell and become noticeable to everyone.

Enjoy life

The lucky girl, first, looks at herself in the mirror with pleasure. Secondly, she loves herself and every part of her body. Thirdly, she, overwhelmed with happiness, can forget about some of the flaws of the figure and randomly present them in a not very favorable light. And surprisingly, everyone will admire such a lady and not notice the flaws. It's not for nothing that they say that in order to please others, you must first of all like yourself.

2. Smile. Yes, if happiness is inside, then it will be outside. And what do people do when they get positive emotions? That's right, smiling. And a happy woman will smile almost always, almost to everyone and, which is an important feature, sincerely.


And you can distinguish a sincere smile from a false one by the eyes. If they shine and smile, as if they are smiling, then the woman is surely happy. The smile of a happy person may seem out of place, ridiculous and even stupid, but he can not help himself, because happiness is the most positive emotions, and emotions are facial expressions.

3. Lack of envy. A happy woman will never be jealous. And let her friend can afford to eat a piece of cake for the night and at the same time remain slim and beautiful. Let others have much more money and less hassle. Let someone win a big cash prize and buy a new apartment.

A happy woman will visit the gym for the sake of a slim figure, work hard and save money to buy a new washing machine, and get tired every day, but still be happy. She is pretty everyone and believes that she has everything that is possible, so there are no reasons for envy.And all that is not there can be achieved on your own.

4. A happy woman is easy to handle. Yes, if a person is happy, he is grateful for what he has, and he perceives any difficulties and problems as shakes and the ability to use his abilities to solve problems. Lucky will with zeal and a certain passion to overcome difficulties and strive for their goal. What is the reason?

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As a rule, if a person always receives everything at once, he does not realize his happiness and takes everything for granted. Happy people often become such, having overcome difficulties and having achieved the. And if such a man has achieved his goal once (and perhaps more than once), he knows that he will be able to do it again.

5. A happy woman always looks good. Even if she didn’t make up and put on simple jeans and a hoodie, her face will be attractive, and her walk will be light, feminine and relaxed. But the unfortunate lady can make a gorgeous makeup and put on the best clothes, but still it will not be as attractive as a lucky woman. There are several reasons for this.

  • First, the mimicry of happy people (the same smile) allows you to tighten the muscles of the face and improve its oval. In unfortunate people face looks haggard.Yes, and the external signs of aging appear much earlier.
  • Secondly, the work of the organism of a happy person is different from the functioning of the systems of the unfortunate (it is known that many diseases develop due to problems in the nervous system, and the lucky nervous system works smoothly).
  • Third, the behavior is different. A happy woman flutters as if, she does not make unnecessary movements and does not twitch, so she looks light, feminine, airy and romantic.

6. A happy woman looks sleepy, healthy and fit. And let her manage to sleep only a few hours, but she woke up with a good mood, and the hormones of joy made their own. These hormones (they are called endorphins), firstly, increase mood and reduce the risk of developing depression.

Beautiful girl

Secondly, they have an analgesic effect (for this reason, lucky women only in extreme cases complain of headaches and other pains). Thirdly, endorphins strengthen the immune system and protect against infections. Fourth, they improve brain activity and allow the brain to start working immediately after waking up (unfortunate and sad people take time to “swing”).As a result, the lucky girl is cheerful, cheerful, healthy and ready to move mountains.

7. Pay attention to the eyes of the lucky woman and in her opinion.By the eyes you can understand a lot. In a happy woman they will shine, shine and literally radiate happiness. She will never look obliquely or slyly. Her gaze is open and direct. At the outer corners of the eyes of the lucky girl you can see small wrinkles that appear due to active facial expressions, in particular because of a smile.


But they do not spoil the woman at all, but, on the contrary, give her a special charm and a certain zest. The eyes of the lucky are always wide open, because such people are happy to watch what is happening and do not want to miss something important. In addition, most of the lucky ones do not have bags or circles under their eyes, because they appear mainly after crying.

8. A lucky girl will not gossip or condemn anyone. She herself doesn’t care what others think about her, she doesn’t try to climb into someone else’s life and will never discuss anyone, therefore she believes that others also have no right to judge anyone or interfere in someone else’s life.

In addition, the lucky woman has a lot of pleasant worries and troubles, as well as things that bring pleasure and satisfaction, so she just has no time to think about someone's life.That is why truly happy women never participate in gossip and do not support idle chatter. In addition, the lucky woman herself rarely becomes an object for discussion, because, firstly, she doesn’t complain (she is completely satisfied with her life), and secondly, she doesn’t brag because she doesn’t see any sense in it.

9. A happy woman never proves anything to anyone.. Even if they are trying to convince her that she is not right (but at the same time she is right), she will simply smile and agree or step aside. Why would she convince someone of something?

Always in the spotlight

After all, she realized herself in a career, and, most likely, happy in marriage (preparing for a wedding or open to new relationships) or is the mother of beautiful children. In addition, she is all happy and calm.

She enjoys life and her happiness and will not prove to someone that she is better than others or something different from them. Happy people rarely participate in disputes, because they do not see the point of arguing and simply do not want to waste their time on such an empty exercise, because this time can be spent on something else and more pleasant.

10. A happy woman is satisfied with everything and is completely satisfied.. That's why she likes to go to work with pleasure, because she likes it. She is immersed in the workflow entirely and completely, since she is focused on the best result, which will allow her to get satisfaction and remain pleased with herself.

And even if the lucky woman does not work, it does not mean that she could not succeed and realize herself. Perhaps she is looking for something new and better. In addition, it is likely that this woman was able to realize herself in the family and fully devoted her life to raising children and maintaining the house, and this makes her happy. But in any case, the lucky woman knows that she is needed, in demand and loved.

Do not try to recognize happiness, it will certainly make itself felt.

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