TOP 5 natural stimulants for plant rooting

Few people know that instead of hormonal stimulants for the formation of plant roots, you can use natural products. No chemistry, no extra costs and amazing results!


In addition to the starch in the potato mass of nutrients that can saturate the cuttings with all necessary. The main thing to choose a large tuber, take care of removing the eye, do a hole and insert a stalk into it. With sufficient watering, the result will not take long.


For the preparation of the miraculous solution, only 1 teaspoon of honey dissolved in 1.5 liters is sufficient. water. Cuttings are placed in the resulting liquid before planting for 10-12 hours.

Aloe juice

Another solution can be obtained by adding in water from 3 to 7 drops of freshly squeezed aloe juice. Such feeding will become not only a stimulant, but also increase the immunity of the plant.

Willow water

Willow is an amazing tree that can quickly take root.To prepare a stimulant, you need to cut a few willow twigs and put them in water for rooting. As soon as the willow takes root, it can be removed, and the cuttings can be placed in a vessel with water. If necessary, water can be topped up, but it should not be changed. An alternative to willow will be the wild rosemary, willow or poplar.


The cuttings needing rooting are placed on the day in a yeast solution prepared from the calculation: 100 mg of yeast per 1 l of water. After the specified time, the cuttings are thoroughly washed and transferred to a container with water.

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