Top 5: the most delicious cold soups

What cold soups are traditionally cooked in Bulgaria, Spain, Latvia, France and America? National recipes and tips for cooking refreshing first courses in Woman`s Day review.
Cold Soups Recipes
Cold Soups: Recipes
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Bulgarian cuisine: tarator

The basis of this refreshing soup - cold yogurt, which is poured into diced and slightly squeezed cucumbers, crushed garlic, chopped walnuts and finely chopped dill. All this mixture is infused in the cold, then seasoned with salt and pepper, sprinkled with vegetable oil and served on the table. If desired, the tarator can be diluted with cold water or ice chips, and instead of yogurt, use sour milk, kefir, airan or matsoni.

This soup is loved not only by Bulgarians, it is favored on a hot day in Macedonia, Albania and Turkey.

As variations, try adding radishes, fresh mint, grated young zucchini to the tarator.

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