Torn paper flower

Torn paper flowers, made exclusively from hand-torn paper sheets. Due to this, as well as additional special bending of the petals, uneven coloring and moistening, the flowers become naturally natural.

Materials and tools:

  1. paper;
  2. glue;
  3. scissors, toothpicks (skewers);
  4. brush, tea or coffee.

Step 1

From a sheet of paper we prepare (tear a sheet) 15-20 different size rectangles. The resulting rectangles are broken in the shape of hearts.

Step 2

Bend and rumpled middle and the bottom of hearts.

Step 3

We take the petals of the future flower and begin to fold a flower out of them, sticking the petals together. We start (form the lower part of the bud) with the largest petals gradually moving to smaller ones. The size and intensity of the flower bud depends on your desire.

After that finished with a flower bud, wait until the glue dries.Now we take a toothpick (skewer) and rotate the edges of the petals, slightly twirling the petals on the toothpick (skewer).

Step 4

Let's start coloring: in this project we will paint using tea or coffee, you can use paints or what your imagination suggests. Let's start: take tea or coffee, brew stronger and apply to the flower with an ordinary brush. Do not apply too much at once, otherwise the flower will soften and lose its shape. Paint gradually, letting the flower dry.

After drying, once again use a toothpick (skewer) and twist the edges of the petals.

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