Tours in Mykonos, Greece

As a rule, we plan our vacation for summer time, so if you want to organize a tour as comfortable as possible, buy plane tickets and book hotels in April or even earlier. Plus, at this time you can buy tickets at an affordable price for the family budget. Everyone dreams of a good and cheap vacation, and the saved amount is useful during the trip, especially if you decide to travel outside the country.

Someone wants to conquer the highest peak of the world, someone in happy dreams dreams of the warm sea and the sunny beaches of Thailand, but there are also those who like to walk deep into history, get acquainted with the origins of the culture of different nations. Passionate fans of the myths of ancient Greece dream of one thing - to visit at least once in a life where in ancient times Heracles fought, where Medusa Gorgon raged with flowing serpent-hair.

Of particular interest to travelers and lovers of archeology are Mycenae - the center of the ancient Mycenaean culture and ancient Greek civilization.Mycenae is located near the village of Mykines, located 90 km south-west of the capital of Greece - Athens. Modern Mycenae is the old ruins, majestic and mysterious.

According to ancient legends Mycenae were built by Perseus about four thousand years ago. Cyclops themselves helped Perseus in the construction, and it is easy to believe in it, because in the ruins of the walls there are gigantic masonry of huge stone blocks.

The descendants of amifonid and pelonid once lived here, and it was during this period that the city flourished. Later, when the Heraklides returned, Mycenae gradually began to decline, and as a result of the Greco-Persian Wars, it was finally destroyed and died in a fierce fight against the Argoses. Residents of the city were forced to seek refuge in other countries.

Today, Mycenae is one of the most impressive and world famous monuments of history and archeology of the Bronze Age. This open-air museum is located on the Peloponnese peninsula. Modern historians and admirers of ancient Greek culture, unfortunately, have not complete knowledge of this civilization, since most of the information was lost.The main sources of information are the poems of the great Homer, the stunning dramas of Aeschylus, works by Euripides and Sophocles.

Many myths of ancient Greece are associated with Mycenae, and in 1876, Heinrich Schliemann and the Greek Archaeological Association made their excavations in these places. The amazing discoveries found during the excavations shook the scientists and turned their ideas about this era of Greek culture.

The Mycenaean tombs for the Neolithic were the most famous and stunning discoveries. The tombs are six giant stone wells located in a separate area. Skeletons were found in the tomb, one of which was preserved in mummified form. Faces were found masks made of chased gold. In addition, treasures were stored in the wells - various items of silver, bronze and gold: all sorts of jewelry, swords, bowls, rings. It is believed that the tombs belong to members of wealthy families, perhaps even princely. Many wells date XV-XVI century BC. er.

Of particular historical value are the palace and its walls, built in the XIV century. The remains of the fortress wall, erected from boulders of incredible sizes, have survived to this day. Above the entrance to the ancient palace there is a large triangular plate on which two lionesses were carved by ancient craftsmen. The entrance is called the Lion Gate.

Many tourists who have been to Mycenae have long been impressed, and some of them return here and again. If you have planned a trip to this ancient city and are going to stroll through the old ruins, try to book your tickets to Athens online well in advance so as not to waste too much time on arrival and devote it to acquaintance with local attractions.

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