Trailer for the new series “The Fog” by Stephen King - scary!

Good news for fans of the chilling stories of Stephen King. Not only that in September, we are waiting for the film version of one of the most terrible books of the writer - “It” (with Bill Skarsgard in the role of Pennyvayz clown), so now also the story “The Fog” of 1980 became a TV series! The story of the small town, which is clouded with fog, hiding something terrible, will show the channel Spike. Remembering the film “The Mist” in the same scenario, but with a darker ending, it will be interesting to see how the action of the story is put off for more than two hours of screen time and spun in the final. Among the writers of the show is King himself, so hopefully everything will work out.

And which version do you like better? Will you watch the new series? The premiere on June 22.

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