Trendy curtains: simplicity and glamor

Today, the competition in the market of interior fabrics is greater than ever: for fashion houses with a world name it becomes a good tone in parallel with clothing collections to develop home textile lines. It is on the catwalks of high fashion that the ideas of cutting and actual color combinations “run in”, which are then transferred to the interior. Of course, they do not exactly repeat each other, but the general trends can be traced. Live Scarlett O'Hara nowadays - she would only from the curtains of the dress and sew!

Innovative technologies become an excellent help in the designer's work: thanks to them, materials with new textures, bright colors, increased strength, fire resistance are born. The task of interior design in a single strength and color range helps to solve a series of fabrics-companions. The collection includes fabrics of curtains, curtains, tulle, upholstery. Plain, printed, dense and translucent canvases are combined in a given color or stylistic direction.

Trends in 2014 were outlined in the spring fashion shows, accompanied by a demonstration of new samples of textiles: in favor will be the style of glam and its “opposite” - eco-style. For a glamorous interior, designers prepared the richest choice: organza, with golden sequins woven into it, curtain fabric, embroidered with Lurex, light curtains with a slit pattern. Fans of vintage is addressed to the series, which is based on velvet curtains of deep color and "accompanying" them tulle, decorated with embroidery in tone with velvet.

Environmentally friendly today has outgrown the fashion trend and has become a way of life. Residents of megacities are increasingly feeling the need to surround themselves with the most natural materials possible: hence the growing popularity of unpainted flax, Egyptian cotton jacquards, silk damasks, bamboo fabric, raffia, homespun products. Quite harmoniously in the eco-interior look fabrics for curtains, as if whitened by the sun. More refined option - light lace curtains of jute thread.

The designers remembered the lace very amicably, and the customers already appreciated the ensembles, which include openwork curtains and bedspreads, capes on pillows - as if from a “grandmother's chest”, valances, knitted napkins and tablecloths.Another innovation - tulle no longer stays "in the shade" of the curtains, but goes to the first roles. Sequins, rhinestones, silk ribbons, lurex threads, multi-layer embroidery and leather appliqués are used as decoration on tulle fabric. In a word, with the help of interior textiles, you can solve a design problem of any complexity.

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