Twice a year we turn the screw in the window frame. This secret should know every economical owner.

Did you know that many models of plastic windows have summer and winter mode? Now you know. In summer, this option allows you to relax the pressure between the rubber gasket and the outside of the frame and allow air to flow more freely inside. Accordingly, with the onset of cold, the pressure can be increased to better keep the heat inside.

In countries where most homes do not have central heating, this secret helps owners save well. If this applies to you, take a closer look. If your windows fit this description, you can easily change them from summer to winter mode.

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In fact, there is no secret. It is only necessary to turn the bolt specially provided for this by 90 degrees to the left or to the right. Depending on which mode you need.

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This video (in German) shows everything in detail. First, the owner “squeezes” the frame by one and a half millimeters (turning 90 degrees to the right), thereby increasing the pressure, then returns the bolt to the neutral position, then turns to the left (90 degrees), reducing the pressure:

Another useful tip: once a year, lubricate the moving parts of the frame with a drop of oil and check how tight the bolts are. It does not take much time, but your windows will be as good as new.

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