Uma Thurman accused Harvey Weinstein of harassment

On Thanksgiving, the sex scandal with Harvey Weinstein received a new unexpected twist. Uma Thurman, an actress who starred in seven films (including Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill) produced by The Weinstein Company, congratulated everyone except Harvey and all his evil accomplices, and added the hashtag #metoo, who in their confessions use victims of sexual harassment and violence.

“Happy Thanksgiving! - wrote Uma. - I am grateful for being alive, for everyone I love, and for everyone who has the courage to protect others. Recently, I said that I was angry, and I have reasons for this: #metoo, if you suddenly did not understand everything from the expression on my face. But in this matter it is important not to rush things, try to be fair and accurate in your testimony, so ... Happy Thanksgiving! (Everyone except you, Harvey, and all your evil accomplices.I am glad that the investigation is progressing slowly: you do not deserve even a bullet) "

Publication from Uma Thurman (@ithurman)Nov 23 2017 at 12:58 pm PST

Thus, Uma Thurman confirmed the sad rumors that she at one time also became one of the victims of the Hollywood producer. When at one of the events in early November, the actress was asked to comment on the scandal, she could barely contain her rage and said that she needed time to tell everything. As for Harvey Weinstein himself, he continues to undergo treatment for sexual addiction in one of Arizona's private clinics. He is accused of harassment and violence by more than fifty women, including actresses Rosanna Arquette, Asia Argento, Ashley Judd and others.

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