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Feb 3, 2012

And so here it is.

Peter has decided that it's high time to move forward and get this divorce done. He's buying a house with Stacie in a neighboring state (we're not far from the state line - only about an hour) and we need this settled. I am in complete agreement - it's past time, actually. I'm sure he's got a life to plan just like I do, and the divorce is the final obstacle to a wholehearted going of our separate ways. We are way overdue for this conversation.

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I have to confess to you that I wasridiculously sad. There's no other word for it. When you know something is coming, even when you know it's the right thing and will end up being the best thing, it shouldn't make you break down in great, gulping sobs when it's finally, actually happening. And the reason it made me so unbearably sad is because it wasn't a conversation at all. It was an email.

He emailed me.

Once again, after a quarter century of a life together, after becoming the mother of his children, I am still not worth the simple respect of a face-to-face conversation, or even a phone conversation about this, of all subjects. I'm relegated to the simplest, most expedient and detached form of communication he can possibly give me.

I don't know why I still feel like he owes me more. Foolish, I know. But I refused to answer his email. If he wants to discuss this, he actually has to open his mouth and discuss it. I'll see him tonight when he picks up the kids, and we'll see if he has the backbone to say something and actually begin a discussion. Or tell me he'd like to meet to further the discussion. I'm not asking for the world, or a pile of cash or a pound of flesh. I'm asking for respect, and he can damn well give it to me.

Until then, he can consider me unsubscribed.

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