Unusual and simple recipe: steamed eggs in Chinese

It is in this form that it is customary in China to eat eggs.

If you try to translate the name of the dish, the hieroglyphs 蛋 水 蛋 translate roughly as “evaporated water and eggs”, because to cook such a treat, you need to evaporate the water-egg mixture. Most Chinese families cook such eggs very often.

The finished dish should be very soft, with a smooth glassy surface. You need to cook at the slowest fire, otherwise the structure will turn out to be coarse and grainy. In a double boiler eggs with water should be covered with foil.


You will need:

  • 3 large eggs;
  • 300 ml of warm water;
  • salt;
  • white pepper;
  • chicken broth granules;
  • garlic, fried in butter;
  • spring onions;
  • lightly salted soy sauce.


Break eggs into a deep bowl.

Beat the eggs lightly and add warm water to them.

Add seasonings and mix well.

Strain the egg mixture into a shallow bowl. Make sure there are no bubbles on the surface.

Cover the bowl with cling film.

Carefully place the bowl on the double boiler.

Cook the eggs on the lowest heat for 10 minutes.

Fry the garlic in butter until golden brown.

Remove the finished eggs and add the garlic, green onion and soy sauce. Eggs go well with warm rice.

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