Useful properties and methods of application of the fungus Chaga

Mushrooms are unique, which is only one of their appearance! But among them there are not only bright, but also surprisingly useful. This is a well-known fungus with the mysterious name of the chaga.

What do we know about him?

So, what is it that hides under the name "chaga"? It is the Crop Mushroom Crop - a kind of growth, consisting of spores of microorganisms that are inherently parasites. These smallest spores penetrate into the bark of trees, for example, through its cracks, cuts or broken branches, after which they begin to feed on sap and gradually develop and grow. Most often, chaga is found on birch trees, but it can also be found on alder, maple, beech, elm, mountain ash.

Mushroom looks like a black growth that has cracks on a rough surface. Fabrics are very dense and often hard. The weight of one mushroom can reach 5 kg, and diameter - 40-50 centimeters! By the way, chaga can grow as long as 20 years, but at the same time the tree, being the owner, gradually fades and dies.

What is included in the composition?

The chemical composition of the chaga has not been sufficiently studied yet, but components such as resins, polysaccharides, pigments, ash, phenols, fiber, pterins, lignin, many organic acids (vanillic, formic, acetic, butyric, oxalic and others) have already been found in it. also manganese.

Is this mushroom useful?

The use of chaga is invaluable, because this mushroom is practically nourished by tree juices, in which the vital forces are literally concealed. And all substances pass into the fungus. Here are some of its useful properties:

  • This is a natural nutrient stimulant, which strengthens the immune system, increases the general vitality and stability of the organism to attacks of various pathogenic microorganisms. Chaga gives vigor and energy necessary for a normal, full and active life.
  • Chaga is actively used as a means of prevention and even treatment of oncological diseases, since this fungus is able to prevent and stop cell degeneration, slow down the growth of tumors and prevent the formation of metastases. The effect really is, and it is confirmed clinically.
  • The fungus not only improves digestion, but also normalizes the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract,and also helps to treat such diseases as gastritis, duodenal ulcer or stomach, pancreatitis, duodenitis and so on.
  • Chaga is useful for the cardiovascular system, since it normalizes the heart rhythm, purifies and strengthens blood vessels, and also lowers blood pressure.
  • It is also useful for the nervous system. It allows you to get out of depression, improve mood, get rid of apathy, normalize sleep, increase stress resistance.
  • Chaga accelerates metabolic processes and helps all body systems to work smoothly. In addition, the correct metabolism is necessary for losing weight.
  • Since the fungus has wound healing and anti-inflammatory drugs, it can be actively used with long-term ulcers, abscesses, wounds, and skin diseases.
  • Chaga effectively and quickly relieves cramps, thereby eliminating pain.

By the way, in the healing properties of chaga you can be sure, as they are proven, and therefore the fungus is part of some medications.

Can a fungus harm?

Chaga is a powerful stimulant, so before you start using this tool, be sure to contact your doctor and consult with him. The main contraindication is the period of pregnancy.But also do not use chaga in colitis, dysentery, intestinal obstruction and hypersensitivity to the components.

How to use?

The use of chaga fungus is very wide. Here are some proven methods:

  1. As a tonic and accelerating the process of losing weight, you can use tea. How to brew it? A teaspoon of chaga pour a glass of hot water. Let the drink stand for an hour, strain, add honey and drink throughout the day.
  2. With gastritis and ulcers infusion is useful. 100 grams of crushed dry mushroom pour 500 ml of warm water, leave the mixture to infuse for three to four hours. Then heat it in a water bath to 40-50 degrees and clean it in a warm place for two days. Insist strain and take half an hour before meals for a glass. The same tool can be used externally in the form of lotions for skin diseases and wounds.
  3. To improve the cardiovascular system, take the tincture. To get it, pour 10 tablespoons of raw materials with 500 ml of vodka and leave for two weeks. Take after eating a tablespoon.
  4. A glass of chaga fill with 2 liters of water and leave overnight. Then warm the mixture in a water bath for an hour, then cover it with a lid and put it in a warm place for the night. Strain the finished product.You can take it with inflammatory and oncological diseases in two or three tablespoons half an hour before meals.

The duration of one course can range from one to two months to six months, followed by a break (2-4 weeks), after which treatment can be continued.

special instructions

In order for the treatment to be safe and effective, do not start it during the period of taking antibiotics, as they will reduce the activity of the fungal substances. In addition, it is not recommended to take glucose or give injections. It is also recommended to include in the diet of light and mostly vegetable food. Sweet, smoked, fat, spicy, pickled and salted, exclude from the menu.

By the way, in order to preserve the maximum beneficial properties of chaga, you should not expose the mushroom to high temperatures, that is, boil and boil. It is advisable to use water temperature not higher than 90-95 degrees.

Let chaga help you stay healthy!

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