What is useful meal?

Unfortunately, modern ecology leaves much to be desired. While its impact on human health is truly great. Add to this stress, a variety of emotional turmoil, lack of movement and not always proper nutrition, and we end up with a very weak immunity. And hence the activation of chronic diseases, and the emergence of new ones.

With this definitely need to fight. First of all, you should review your lifestyle, and secondly, to support the body. Omit the topic of pharmaceutical preparations today, and consider the options of traditional medicine. One of which is the use of various dietary fibers. And tell you more about the meal.

Magic powder

The meal is a ground meal powder that remains after processing seeds, berries, fruits, nuts, and cereals. In themselves, the remnants can be useful, but their shelf life, alas, is very limited.

After processing and processing of such raw materials and removal of oil, this period is significantly increased.To achieve this result, the products are degreased with organic solvents.

The composition of the meal includes a large number of substances necessary for the body. In particular, fiber and protein (about 40%), fats are represented by unsaturated acids, which are quickly and easily absorbed, and constitute only 1.5%, and carbohydrates are contained in the form of sucrose, and simply sugar, in moderate amounts needed to replenish energy reserves.

In addition, it has important amino acids, vitamins and biologically active substances. All of them in the complex perform a number of useful functions:

  • quickly saturate and prolong the feeling of fullness;
  • stimulate the gastrointestinal tract;
  • promote intestinal cleansing;
  • absorb bad cholesterol;
  • are strong enough antioxidants.

Most often meal is used as a dietary supplement, supplementing with it various dishes - salads, cereals, soups.

How to use this miracle remedy? It is worth remembering that the meal - it is a concentrate, because you do not need to overdo it. 1 tbsp. three times a day will be quite enough. It is not recommended to give it to children under 5 years old, and upon reaching this age, 1 tsp. in a day.

Choose any

The range of dietary fiber today is wide, and it is a real feast for followers of proper and healthy nutrition.


A great helper for the liver, which copes well with toxins in the body. It will also help with diabetes, obesity and problems with the prostate gland. Suitable for sauces, cereals, baking and can be used as a breading.


Grape seed powder is a famous “product of youth”. And all because it contains rweverstol - an antioxidant that improves brain activity, improves the condition of blood vessels, protects against the harmful effects of the environment, enhances cell regeneration processes.


Oil-free sesame seeds have a large number of beneficial properties and are particularly positive for the gastrointestinal tract. In particular, significantly increasing in volume, sesame oil meal absorbs harmful substances, thereby cleansing the stomach, and protecting its mucosa from the action of pathogenic microflora.

Milk thistle

Thistle powder can help in the treatment process and for the prevention of certain diseases.But his healers see his main use in helping the liver thanks to silymarin. It helps the liver cell membranes become less vulnerable.


If you are looking for a source of perfect protein, then you have already found it. Powder from amaranth oilcake, with the most removed oil from it, is just such a product. His protein is digested completely, and is indicated for all who are engaged in mental work.

Undoubtedly, our health depends on nutrition. Therefore, do not neglect the importance of this issue. And biological supplements will help maintain the body's defenses at the right time. Be healthy!

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