Vikings and 6 more cool historical TV shows

Historical series allow not only to plunge into the era in which events occur, but also to contemplate the way of life of heroes and magnificent scenery and costumes, to watch the development of intrigues and twisted conspiracies, to empathize with love triangles, completely forgetting about their problems.

Tudors, 2007–2010

The series, whose action unfolds in England of the XVI century, tells us the story of the life of the impudent and vain King Henry VIII. He was famous for his love for women, regularly changed his wives, then exiled the previous ones to the monastery, then drove them out of his kingdom, then slaughtered their heads to the right and to the left. Why did women agree to marry him? In the series, this is understandable: the beautiful, strong-willed and handsome Jonathan Reese-Meyers can win the heart of anyone, even the most impregnable girl. Despite some inaccuracies, the spirit of the epoch is transmitted brilliantly, and all the actors are in their place. I would like to pay special attention not only to the exciting plot and love line of the king, but also to the costumes - luxurious, lush and sometimes frank dresses.And the scenery is so realistic that the audience gets the impression of their full presence in that era!

The White Queen, 2013

The historical mini-series, which tells about the events of the war of the Scarlet Rose and the White Rose, does not claim to be 100% authentic. The historical facts were twisted in it - Mama Do not Cry, but this “White Queen” did not become less popular. And this is quite understandable. Here, as in the Tudors, the main characters are chained to the screen, and especially - Max Irons in the role of Edward IV, the King of England. As the story progresses, accents shift. Today in the center there can be a king and a queen, and tomorrow - a courtier. You should also pay special attention to the beautiful views of England, huge castles with rich decoration, beautiful outfits and memorable soundtracks, which sometimes shudder while watching.

Borgia, 2011–2013

The action of the series takes place at the end of the XVI century and is built around the Italian Borgia family. They won not the best reputation, they were famous for their treachery, cunning, cunning, dirty business and conspiracy. The head of the family, Rodrigo Borgia, after the death of the Pope took the throne of St. Peter and forever inscribed his extensive ancestry into history.The plot of the series is very confusing, the actions of the main characters need to be closely monitored, otherwise you can miss an important detail and stop understanding what is happening on the screen. The project “Borgia,” according to expert estimates, quite in detail conveyed the life of a wicked Italian family. Moreover, the atmosphericity and authenticity of trifles allow you to look at the series as a beautiful picture that pleases the eye and slightly disconnects from reality and the depravity of the Borgia family clan. No wonder this series was nominated for ten Emmy Awards, having received two of them - for costumes and musical accompaniment.

The Magnificent Century, 2011–2014

The plot of the series is based on real events and shows the time of the reign of Sultan Suleiman I, as well as the throwing and uneasy life of the girl Alexandra, who was captured and given to the sultan. The drama is played out on the screen is serious, and how many heroines have to overcome, it is difficult to count. The series was subjected to severe criticism from historical consultants, because such elegant dresses, dazzling decorations and rich decoration in the palaces of that time simply did not exist.Everything was an order of magnitude more modest, especially the outfits of women - they were wrapped up to such an extent that her own husband could not find out. Anyway, it is much more pleasant to look at beautiful girls in bright, patterned and flowing dresses.

Vikings, 2013–2017

Chic military history series, which is rightly recognized as the most colorful and realistic TV series in 2015. In the center of the plot - a detachment of Vikings of the legendary Ragnar Lodbroka, who wanted to become a new ruler and gain respect. The series captivates not only exciting battles, charismatic and courageous men, freedom-loving and ardent women, but also because the director did not show the Vikings as dirty and lascivious animals who walk in skins and horned helmets, rushing to shout with screams "For Odin! ". Vikings here are represented by quite decent, courageous, belligerent and rather clean men who have their own style, respect for each other, love for their families and a desire to show themselves. Thoughtful life, customs, sacrifices, worship, hunting, rituals, furnishings, dwelling, battle scenes, outfits and hairstyles - the series wants to look again and again.

“Kingdom”, 2013–2017

The series called historical drama is very far from real events, which does not make it less watchable. In the center of the plot - a young Mary Stuart, who is preparing to ascend the throne and become a real savior of France. Many criticized the series for its costumes, but not because they were bad, but, on the contrary, because they are too good and modern. This is not surprising, because Meredith Marquors-Pollak, who previously dressed the characters of the TV series Gossip Girl and Heart of Dixie, was in charge of the outfits of the Kingdom. Apparently, the artist began to play and forgot that she was working on historical costumes of blue-eyed people. So if you want to watch a light stylish series about kings and queens with a famously twisted plot and you absolutely do not care about the accuracy of what is happening on the screen, then “Kingdom” is what you need!

Rome, 2005–2007

The series begins in 52 BC. e. when Julius Caesar conquers Gaul after eight years of war and is preparing to return to his native Rome, where, as it turned out, other orders have long reigned and no one waits for the ruler ... The power struggle will be serious: who will win and who will lose - remains a mystery finals.Watching the battle scenes, the stunning atmosphere of that time, colorful feasts, bloody interrogations, beautiful girls, brutal men, richly decorated palaces is a pleasure. Moreover, historians seriously assure that this series could easily become a guide to the study of Roman history in high school, if not for a large number of naked and brutal scenes. So, if you already have 18 and you know the story well, you can appreciate this masterpiece created by a large team of directors and producers.

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