Want to become a blonde? Then learn the rules of coloring

If you decide to become a blonde, then do not rush. First, think about your decision well and weigh the pros and cons. Secondly, remember that the ideal color will be achieved only if you follow some rules. Just about them and will be written below.

Choosing the right shade

First of all, you should choose a suitable shade, because there are lots of options for blonde. And to choose what you need, you should consider the original data. The first thing to take into account is the color of the skin. So, if it is light, then you should give preference to radiant tones, such as ashy blond, platinum or pearl. They will favorably emphasize the appearance and will not create ridiculous contrasts.

If you have peach or beige skin, then pay attention to warm colors, for example, amber, honey, golden. If you are a dark girl, and really want to become a blonde, then choose the rich and dark tones of the blond, for example, wheat. But the bright shades will look unnatural and ridiculous.

Self staining or professional?

Sometimes even an experienced master can not achieve the desired color from the first time, so if you decide to paint at home, be prepared for the most unexpected results. If you want to keep your nerves and hair, and also increase the chances of getting a perfect tone without yellowness and other unexpected tones, then contact a specialist. And it is important to choose a qualified and experienced, and not a beginner or "self-taught amateur."

Proper preparation

To stain in blond you need to prepare to not only get the desired result, but also not to spoil the hair with such aggressive influence as lightening.

A few important points:

  • If you dye your hair, stop doing this a few months before the color changes. The artificial pigment will be partially washed, and you will ease the task of the hairdresser a little.
  • It is necessary to refuse from any procedures, such as waving, lamination, shielding, and so on. They can greatly affect the result.
  • Try to improve the condition of the hair. If possible, give up the hair dryer, ironing and curling, protect curls from wind, rain, sun and snow, choose quality waste and detergents.
  • For a week or two, give up any care products. Use only mild shampoo.
  • Do not wash your hair before staining for at least two days, as the components of the shampoo can react with the substances in the paint.

Nuances of staining

If you think that all that is needed in order to become a blonde is to lighten the curls, then you are greatly mistaken. Only true professionals know how to dye their hair in the perfect blond and achieve the desired shade.

Sometimes the color change takes place in several stages, and the process itself becomes complicated, so be patient with patience. But the long way will certainly lead you to the goal. In addition, in the process of such smooth changes, you can choose the most appropriate tone. Perhaps it will not be the one you originally aspired to, but transitional.

There are several options for the transition to the blond:

  1. If you have natural hair is not very dark, then you will suit the usual clarification. For such purposes, permanent ammonia dyes are used, the components of which neutralize the natural pigment. But you should not expect that you will leave the salon blonde after the first procedure, it may take several sessions. And with prolonged exposure to clarifiers, you can simply “burn” the curls.
  2. If you have dark hair, the master will advise blonding - a procedure aimed at the destruction of pigments. But along with them, the structure of the hair can be partially destroyed, so if they are already weak and thin, it is better not to risk it.
  3. If you dye your hair, you must first remove the artificial pigment already present in the structure. And for this, the so-called remover is used, which involves the partial splitting of the hair shafts and the leaching of pigments from them. The impact is also aggressive and harmful. After this procedure, you can proceed to the clarification.

But the removal of pigment is not all, because it may not completely collapse or not as planned. Therefore, if, after clarification, the color turned out not to be as expected, then the specialist will perform toning in order to obtain the final ideal shade.

Proper care for blond hair

In order not only to achieve the desired color, but also to preserve it, it is necessary to ensure proper hair care, otherwise the tone will change, and the state of the curls will worsen.

Important rules of care:

  • Use products designed specifically for bleached hair.First, they help to preserve the shade, and secondly, strengthen and nourish the weakened hair.
  • Regularly paint the growing roots, with exactly that paint, which was carried out the primary staining. If the procedure was multi-stage and complex, then you need to regularly contact the master, because only he can get the same tone.
  • If you decide to sign up for any procedure (even if it is useful), ask the experienced hairdresser whether it will affect the shade and condition of the hair. And it is better to refuse aggressive actions.


Some useful recommendations:

  1. Even choosing the most expensive coloring composition, you can not be 100% sure of the result, the reaction can be unexpected.
  2. Many people believe that using professional paint is a guarantee of success. And although such tools are qualitative, but still not always they allow you to achieve the desired color. And only experienced specialists can use them, because sometimes you need to mix different tones to get the perfect one. There are also some professional secrets.
  3. During a visit to a specialist, be sure to inform him of all the newly conducted procedures that presumed effects on the hair.
  4. Remember that the final color of the hair after dyeing can be affected by a lot of different factors, including hormones. So if you have menstruation, or you are taking oral contraceptives or other hormonal drugs, then tell the hairdresser about it. Probably, the staining will have to be postponed or carried out especially carefully.
  5. In order for the master to understand exactly what color you want to get, you can find a photo of a girl with such a touch of hair on the Internet, print it and bring it to the salon.
  6. Do not strive to get the most light color, much more organic will look natural.
  7. If you have not previously stained curls, then this also needs to be reported to a specialist. Probably, he will choose more careful dyes, because in your hair there is only a natural pigment.
  8. You should not mix tones yourself, the reaction can be unpredictable! If you try to create a unique color, you can get a light green instead of a platinum color. Such a difficult and hard work can be performed only by professionals.
  9. If you can not pick up the color yourself, contact your stylist for help, he will help create the perfect image.

It remains only to wish to get the perfect shade.

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