Wday tests: all types of hair removal

The editors of Woman's Day argued which type of hair removal is the most painless, comfortable and durable.

Laser hair removal, from 1500 rubles

Laser hair removal
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Vasilisa Kakorina, beauty editor:

- Laser hair removal is a method of hair removal using a laser that destroys hair follicles. I have never been afraid of this method and gladly exchanged the epilator for a laser.

Expectations:salon industry presents laser hair removal as one of the most painless and easy methods of hair removal forever. The price, of course, is more expensive than wax or just a razor, but laser hair removal guarantees long-term hair removal.

Reality:Laser hair removal does not require special training, hairs should be a maximum of 0.5 mm. Most often in salons use lasers with a special dynamic cooling system in order to protect the skin pigment melanin from overheating and reduce the risk of pain, therefore, anesthesia is not required for such a procedure. I went to the clinic OTTIMO for my debut laser hair removal.I was surprised that the epilation of a deep bikini zone takes no more than 10 minutes! During the procedure, a slight tingling is felt, but it passes quickly.

After the procedure, some hairs may remain, but they fall out a week later. The result is perfect smooth skin for up to two months. Next, you need to repeat the procedure and forget about hair removal for another six months. For some, the hair may disappear forever, but in most cases it will be necessary to repeat the trip to laser hair removal every six months or a year, all individually. I think this is the best method of hair removal, and half a year that you don’t think about it is worth it. A big plus of this method is that in the intervals between the procedures, if the small hairs start to interfere, you can use a razor, and this will not aggravate the process, unlike waxing.

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