We wallow and watch: the main series of May

In May, most of all, we are not waiting for new products, but for TV shows that we have long loved and which we managed to miss. The main event of the last month of spring - the release of the third season of the cult TV series David Lynch's Twin Peaks. Another trump card is the fifth season of the Card House, which will most likely be the last one.

"The Eighth Sense"

Release of the 2nd season: May 8

A fantastic series from Lana and Lilly Wachowski about eight people living in different parts of the world and experiencing a mental and emotional connection with each other.

The action develops leisurely and cumbersome, the subject lines branch, there is enough space even for philosophical reflections in the style of "Cloud Atlas". However, the series inexplicably delays and draws into its world. All ten episodes of the second season will come out at once, so fans of the show should take care to free up a few nights.


Start of the 1st season: May 5

British historical series from the creators of Downton Abbey about the first English colonists who sailed to America.The story of Fort Jamestown is tragic, full of human sacrifice and deprivation, which the colonialists have to face at every turn.

The English settlers who founded Fort Jamestown did not have enough female society, and they “ordered” suitable wives from their native Britain. Beautiful ladies appeared in the town, which means that passion and intrigue also appeared.

"I love Dick"

Release of the 1st season: May 12

The comedy-dramatic ten-series project by Jill Soloway with Kathryn Khan and Kevin Bacon in the main roles is based on the book of the same name by Chris Kraus.

A married couple, who has been living together for a long time, meets a psychology professor with a piercing gaze who has arrived in their region. The wife of a psychologist is crazy, and it is not easy for her to realize that her husband is also delighted with the new acquaintance.

Cute TV series in the spirit of independent cinema promises to break the life of ordinary people with serious passions.

Twin Peaks

Start of the 3rd season: May 21

The third season of Twin Peaks - the epochal return of the cult TV series of the 90s - the main thing that will happen in the serial genre this spring. Already on the teasers it is clear that, as soon as the melancholic saver Angelo Badalamenti sounds, it has been as before for twenty-five years.

Lynch was able to create a special Twin Peaks mythology that the series fans faithfully kept and nurtured for a quarter of a century. This time the director, fortunately, was not brief: the revived project consists of eighteen episodes.

The plot of the third season is unknown. But he was so important in the first two seasons! Most importantly, we will see again almost all the characters (except for the Woman with the Log and Bob. The actors who played them, alas, left this world) and penetrate the atmosphere full of mysticism, absurdity and humor.


The release of the third season: May 26

Family drama about a large family, the secrets of which crawl out after returning home the most unfortunate and walking brother.

Against the backdrop of Florida's sunny landscapes, tragic events unfold, in which members of the prosperous and happy-looking family Reibern are found guilty.

The third season will be final.

"House of cards"

Season 5 exit: May 30

One of the most fascinating and intriguing series of shows comes in its fifth and, most likely, final season. The merciless, but charming union of Frank and Claire Underwood broke up in the fourth season, and the couple went on the warpath.Frank is still president, but this may change in season five.

In the continuation of the "House of Cards," we look forward to the development of old storylines, more psychological coloring of the main characters and the emergence of worthy opponents for clever, not disdaining the dirtiest business, but taking something under the head of American President Frank Underwood.

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