Weather in Anapa in June 2017 - an accurate forecast from the weather center at the beginning and end of the month. What will be in June, the water temperature off the coast of Anapa

API-001According to the forecast of weather forecasters from the Russian hydrometeorological center, the weather in Anapa in June 2017 will be comfortable and warm, very sunny and mostly clear. At the beginning of the month, the average daily air temperature will be + 23 ... 26 ° C, and at night the thermometers will record + 15 ... 17 ° C. In the second decade, the real summer heat will come to the city and the air will heat up to + 27 ... 28 ° C. The water off the coast of the resort will warm up to + 19 ... 20 ° C and this trend will continue until the end of the month. In late June, the city will cover the northern cyclone. The heat will subside, the streets will wash off abundant, short-term showers and Anapa will meet July with pleasant coolness and a fresh, sea wind.

Weather in Anapa on June 2017 - the most accurate and detailed weather forecast by day

The weather in Anapa in June 2017 will please with its stability. A detailed preliminary forecast, made by weather forecasters of the Russian weather center for every day, states that from the very beginning of the month the city will have a real summer with a comfortable temperature and pleasant temperature. The average daily thermometer readings will not exceed + 23 ... 27 ° C, and at night the air will not cool below + 14 ... 18 ° C. Precipitation will not prevent holidaymakers to enjoy the sun, the warm sea and the magnificent views. In the first decade of the month, the rain will pass only once, and in the last, it will take another 4 days. But the rest of the time the sky will be absolutely clear and only occasionally fluffy white clouds will appear on it.

Detailed weather forecast from weather forecasters for every day of June 2017 for Anapa


According to the weather forecast from the weather center of Russia, June 1 and 2, 2017 in Anapa will be warm, sunny and clear in the afternoon. The air warms up to + 23 ° C, and in the evening the temperature drops to + 14 ... 15 ° C. By the night the wind will intensify. His gusts reached 5 m / s and bring with them a slight cooling. 3 numbers of thermometers will fix + 20 ° C in the morning.In the afternoon, the mercury column will first descend to the + 17 ° C mark, and at nightfall - to + 11 ° C. It will rain almost all day and drive the residents and guests of the resort away from the beaches and city streets. However, for a long time the bad weather will not linger, and in the next day a full-fledged southern summer will return to Anapa.

From the 5th, the temperature will start to increase daily and from +25 ° C by June 8 it will reach + 30 ° C. This day will be the hottest for the month, but already the 9th Mediterranean front will slightly quench the heat and reduce the performance to more familiar and characteristic for this period. Stable warm (no more than + 22 ° C in the daytime and up to + 16 ... 17 ° C at night) without sharp drops and precipitation will hold up to the 14th day.

On June 15, an African cyclone will come to the city and it will become much hotter on the street. First, the mercury column will rise to + 24 ° C, and 16-17 will approach the mark of + 27 ° C. Not a cloud will appear in the sky at this time, and only a light sea breeze rising in the evening will slightly cool the hot-hot air and reduce the temperature in the dark to + 18 ... 19 ° C.

On the 18th, the sky will be dragged out by clouds and the temperature indicators will return to the mark of + 22 ... 23 ° C. This weather will last for the next three days, but it will not rain.But in the evenings it will be much cooler (+ 11 ... 13 ° C) and it will be extremely uncomfortable to walk around the city without a warm jacket, windbreaker or shawl.

From June 21, the sky will clear up again, and the air temperature will move into a phase of active growth. Literally in two days it will rise by 5 degrees and by the 24th will reach + 28 ° C. The stable heat will last until June 26, and already from 27 the city will be in the power of the northern atmospheric front. The heat will recede as quickly as it came, and in the last days of June the air will cool down to +22 ° C. At night, the coolness will increase (+ 15 ... 17 ° C) and the second summer month of Anapa will meet with rainy, cloudy and windy weather.

Weather in Anapa in June 2017 - the water temperature off the coast of the resort


Despite the fact that the weather in Anapa in June 2017 is expected to be very warm, the water off the coast of the resort, most likely, will not warm up above + 19 ... 20 ° C. Of course, this temperature is already suitable for swimming, however, it does not have too long swims. But in this period on the beaches is not too crowded and for the chaise lounges do not have to fight with other holidaymakers. The sea practically does not storm, and the water amazes with its crystal clearness, especially in the Small Bay protected from gusty winds.In the coastal zone, the whole range of water activities is offered, ranging from diving and surfing to jet skiing, “bananas” or “tablets” and seaplane flights, so you will not be bored either by adults or children.

What is usually the weather at the beginning and end of June in Anapa


Stably warm, cloudy and sunny - this is what the weather usually stands in Anapa in June. At the beginning of the month, the average daytime air temperature is + 23 ... 25 ° C and about + 15 ... 18 ° C at night. Rains in this period of time are quite rare and are characterized by short duration. For evenings, winds are considered characteristic, therefore, when going on vacation, it is worth tossing a woolen sweater or shawl into a suitcase. Having such garments with you, you will definitely not freeze when walking in the dark in picturesque areas of the coast. If the vacation falls at the end of the month, you should grab waterproof shoes and an umbrella with you to the resort. In the last days of June in Anapa it often rains and without these positions you will not feel too comfortable.

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