Wedding arch: we make out beautifully the hands

A wedding is a big and troublesome event. The bride and groom need to choose outfits, accessories, take care of invitations for guests, think over the general style of the holiday and buy decorations for cars, a banquet hall, a wedding arch. The whole thing is not one minute or even one week, because every attribute of a celebration should look perfect and create an atmosphere of love and tenderness.

We want to make it easier for you, though pleasant, but still difficult chores, and we offer to look together how you can quickly and beautifully make a wedding arch of flowers, balls or fabric with your own hands.

Delicate wedding arch of flowers

The arch is the gateway to family life. It symbolizes the altar. And is it worth to trust her creation to someone, if you can arrange your own personal happiness?


Fresh flowers are an essential attribute of almost any holiday, and they are especially in demand for a wedding. Wedding arch of fresh flowers looks fascinating.And to make such a construction with your own hands is easy. You will need a metal-plastic pipe - as a base, fabric - satin, tulle or any other according to your taste, as well as compositions made from fresh flowers, or individual buds. Putting the frame is best in flower pots.

How to make an arch with your own hands

First, take two large flowerpots with a wide base, pour plaster into them, insert the pipe, giving the shape of a horseshoe, and leave to stand for a day or two. This process will ensure the stability of the arch.

When the arch frame is ready, we attach the selected fabric to it - as if it flows down from the top down. Use double-sided tape or satin ribbons in the tone of the main fabric - with their help, you can tie the fabric to the base of the arch.

Next you will find the most important step - the decor of the wedding arch flowers. As a rule, the bulk of the flowers are located at the base of the arch legs and at the top point, and along the way between them should be placed several buds - so the composition will be whole. Alternatively, the floral part can be in the upper half, and the bottom is decorated with organza or other flowing fabric.

According to this instruction, you can make a beautiful arch with your own hands, not only from flowers, but also completely from fabrics.


By the way, you can use a purchased metal frame as the basis - this option will appeal to those who find it easier to create masterpieces on a ready-made durable frame of the correct shape.


If you want to make a real flowering tree, use sprigs for decoration - they will be the highlight of your creation.


Here are some excellent options for decorating the wedding arch flowers.

The door to family life in the shape of a heart is becoming an increasingly popular attribute of the wedding, expressing the love of the future spouses.


Depending on the time of the year, when the wedding takes place, different arches will be relevant - spring and summer from bright colors, and in autumn using red leaves and orange fabrics. Well, in the design of a winter fairy tale you can use red and white roses - they look amazing!


The arch for a wedding looks beautiful both with use of fresh, and made of artificial flowers. A great alternative is such multicolored pompons that look like huge flower buds from a fairy tale.


As you can see, flower arches can be very different, but if you want to make this attribute of a holiday out of balls, the following photo ideas will be useful.

Balloon arch

Balloons are universal material for any holiday. They make figurines and whole huge compositions - from hearts to wedding arches. It is worthwhile you correctly select the colors of the balls used - and the wedding arch will turn into a work of art!


Balloons are very affordable and easy to use, so they are suitable for most newlyweds. The structures of the balls are light and at the same time attractive.


Traditionally, wedding altars from balloons are made in the form of a semicircle or heart. The original wedding will not do without this decoration - the flowers made of balloons, and collected in a single composition, look pretty nice and unusual.


Fasten the balls with a fishing line or a strong thread, and as a filler it is better to use not helium, but ordinary air - these balls keep the shape not one day. This is especially true if your holiday will last on the second and the third day.

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It is not difficult to make such an arch - simply connect the balls one by one, as if braiding them with a construction.If you are not sure that from the first time you can beautifully decorate the altar for the bride and groom, make a trial decoration a few weeks before the upcoming celebration. Experiment with color and shapes - the only way to find your unique version!


Wedding arch

Another great option for decorating the arch for the wedding will be the fabric. Organza, tulle, satin - flowing and shining light thin fabrics will suit. Especially luxuriously listed materials look in combination with flower compositions of approximate or contrasting shades.


It is necessary to decorate an altar in tone of a wedding dress of the bride and a suit of the groom. Here's what it looks like. Excellent contrast, isn't it?


Do not forget that the gates to family life should be made in the style of the entire wedding, and together with the bridal bouquet and decorations on the cars, it creates a whole image of the holiday.


It is easy to work with a cloth, and your every creation will be unique - experiment with folds and garters in the form of bows, add flower buds, angel figures or cute bears, heart-shaped balloons.


Making a wedding arch with a cloth is an assignment for those who have free time and the desire to create a small miracle for their own holiday with their own hands. Surely in the shops of your city there are affordable materials for creativity.

Your arch can be decorated with golden threads and lots of decorative details, or be simple, no frills. In any case, you will like to decorate the structure, because what could be nicer than creating a gate to family life with your own hands!


A wedding is an unforgettable celebration, a holiday of loving hearts, and it should be thought out to the smallest detail. And although the wedding arch is not a trifle, it consists of many small details - flowers, balloons, fabrics, figures of pigeons.


You need to pay special attention to the design of the arch for a wedding - this exquisite detail of the wedding's opening ceremony creates an atmosphere of romance and sensuality. It is the arch - the place where the bride and groom exchange wedding rings and make promises to love each other all their lives.


In other words, the arch for young people is a sacred place from which a new family begins.


Take note of our original ideas for decorating the arch, and let your family be strong, friendly and happy!

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