Wedding ceremony and all its rules

The wedding ceremony is one of the most ancient and deep Orthodox traditions, which has recently begun to gain considerable popularity, both among young couples and among mature and well-established. It is possible that this is due to the fact that the banal marriage ceremony at the registry office has become so ordinary and standard that it begins to lose its significant value.

Young couples are beginning to look for thrills and new emotions, which are quite a number in one of the seven sacraments of the church, which provide the spiritual foundation for marriage.

Probably, it is the intangible connection, sincere and deep feelings that become the basis for making a decision about the wedding. By the way, some couples who passed the wedding ceremony in the church share their impressions.

According to them, having passed through this sacrament, their life acquired new colors and sensations, the spouses revised their relationships, became more respectful towards each other, and also became imbued with the concept of loyalty and spiritual love.In order to enter into a family union before God, it is necessary more than once to think about whether you want this to be accurate, because breaking a marriage concluded in a church is much more difficult than all the stamps in passports.

Many couples come to this far from immediately, but only a few years after the conclusion of a formal marriage, for example, after the birth of a child, or on the anniversary of their joint relationship.

Do not make hasty conclusions and decisions, for the adoption of the sacrament requires special training and the right moral attitude. If you still decide that you will get married in the church, then one desire is not enough, you must learn all the rules of the ceremony, as well as the conditions under which you can get married.

To whom, and under what conditions can you get married?

First you need to find out if you can even get married without breaking the rules. In order for you to be married in a church, you must give the priest your marriage certificate, but this does not say that it is your marriage that can be blessed by the church.

For example, the church imposes some age restrictions on newlyweds, the groom must be at least 18 years old, and the bride must be at least 16 years old.

The next limit is the number of marriages of one of the spouses already entered into. If before this wedding at least one of the spouses was more than three times married, the fourth and subsequent unions are no longer approved by the church.

The rules of the wedding ceremony do not end there. Those who marry cannot have a blood connection, in the case of the Orthodox Church, up to the third degree of kinship.

The same applies to spiritual relatives, for example, if they are the godparents of one child. Also, the church does not bless marriages in which at least one of the newlyweds suffers from mental disorders. The same applies to unbaptized people, and also if the bridegroom or bride of another faith of confession or convinced atheists.

When and where to hold the ceremony?

After you are convinced that you can get married, it is necessary to determine the procedure of the wedding, as well as the venue. If you want a bright ceremony, which is possible to hold widely and with a large number of spectators, then you need to go to a large temple.

If you are fond of secluded activities, then you will be pleased with small and cozy churches.To choose exactly “that place”, you must walk through the churches and listen to your feelings, they will prompt you to tell you exactly where your ceremony should go.

By tradition, the wedding ceremony of the newlyweds can be carried out only on certain days of the week, and it should also be borne in mind that during the days of many days this ceremony is not held either.

Also, if you are serious about this event, it is better not to set a wedding date on the day after the church holidays, as after serving, the priests are often tired and do not willingly spend the entire upcoming ceremony.

It should be borne in mind that in most churches and temples, weddings are carried out by appointment, you must agree on this with the priest, having chosen the date you need in advance.

It can also be such, especially if the temple is large, that the ceremony will be held not only for your couple, but also for several more at the same time. If this fact confuses you, then this moment also needs to be discussed in advance.

At the same time, the ceremony itself is being discussed with the priest; you must clarify whether you will marry the choristers.And, by the way, it is better to do this, because in this case the whole process becomes more colorful, which leads to a rapid flow of time.

How is it going?

The whole procedure takes about 40-60 minutes, usually the wedding is carried out after the service, so rarely starts on time, most likely you will have to wait a long time. But you can’t do anything here, you have to be patient, and the bride is better not to wear high heels, after standing for hours you start to appreciate convenience.

When the bride and groom must be crosses in which they were baptized, without them the priest will not begin the sacrament of the wedding.

You should have two rings with you - one gold and the other silver. Before the ceremony, they are put on the throne, and then sanctified. During the wedding, the priest should bless you three times, read a short prayer and betrothal you with rings, changing them three times from the hand of the husband to the hand of the wife.

Also before the ceremony, special candles are ordered, which the newlyweds will hold in their hands until the very end of the service. And the last thing that you need to have with you is wedding icons, which depict Christ and the Virgin Mary, as well as two white towels.

In the church, the groom must necessarily stand on the right, and the bride - on the left. Above their heads the whole ceremony is held by the shafer, so try to select witnesses higher than the height, otherwise such a mission for them can become simply impossible.

Basic traditions and superstitions

By tradition, the bride should be in a white dress with a covered head. The dress should not be too lush and fanciful; a modest dress of light or cream tones will be enough.

If you still decide to get married in a wedding dress, then it should not have a deep cleavage and tightly fit the figure. Chest, hands and back should not be open, so you need to buy a special cape that will cover all this. Pay attention to the train dress. There is a superstition that the longer and richer the train of the bride's dress, the life of the newlyweds will be longer and happier.

The rushnyk that the young people use in the wedding process should remain forever in the family, it should not be given to anyone. This towel is a symbol of the new joint life of the newlyweds. Also, wedding candles are kept all life, but there is a belief that they can be ignited when labor is difficult or when children are seriously ill.

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