Wedding pillow with a rose

A wedding in black and white is difficult to surprise anyone. Newlyweds strive to make their holiday not only unforgettable, but also unique. Therefore, more and more often the celebration is devoted to any subject - sea, olive, birch. Young people with a special bright temperament make pink weddings, in which everywhere there is a red color, a symbol of fiery love and roses, denoting sensuality and tenderness. For a pink wedding all accessories should be unusual. I want to demonstrate to you how to create a pillow in red with a rose for wedding rings offerings. You will need a piece of red fabric 35 by 20 cm, threads, cotton, white ribbon, white mesh and satin wide (5 cm) ribbon to create roses For petals, get some green tape. To seal the rose petals, use hot glue. The rosette is made using the kanzashi technique; to create such petals, you can use tweezers and a lighter or a metal ruler with a soldering iron, to work with a hot soldering iron you need glass. When everything is ready, we will start creating a pillow.Sew the matter from three sides.  Sew the matter from three sides
Then stuff it with cotton or other soft material. Do not tamper tightly, otherwise the rings will simply roll down.
 stuff it with cotton wool
Sew the fourth side of the pillow.
 Sew the fourth side
Now we are laying the edge of the cushion with a white satin ribbon. Fit a width of 4 cm. Do prischepy 4 cm by 2 cm.
 we sheathe the edge of the pillow
You can pin the folds with pins first, and then sweep everything
pinch pins of the folds
From the middle tape, sew a figure-eight into a corner.src="" alt="sew the eight into the corner" title="come Eight in a corner "> Rest the territory with a grid. It can be sewn or glued.  close the grid Let's start creating the rose.The ribbon mode is 50 squares, their size is 5 cm. You can cut it with a soldering iron, or with scissors, but with further melting of the edges above the lighter.

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