What a drunk dream?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
August 3, 2012
What a drunk dream?

Dreams are different, colorful and black-and-white, prophetic and fantastic, but each of them carries in itself some kind of message, a certain code, which we should try to decipher. For example, in a dream you saw a not very sober person, what is a drunk dream about?

According to the Russian dream book, such a dream foreshadows misfortune, and possibly the loss of work, so be extremely careful throughout the next week.

Perhaps you want to know why a drunk person dreams? Especially if this person is you. The new family dream book believes that if you see in a dream how drunk you are, then in reality there is a risk that you will show excessive frivolity. Be extremely careful and try to think carefully about your words and actions, otherwise it may cost you the job.

You do not know why a drunken husband dreams? Unfortunately, such a dream does not bode well. Most likely, in the near future you will find yourself in an extremely awkward situation, which will be provoked by a person very close to you, those whom you consider to be your friend.

The following interpretations are given in the esoteric dream book:

  • If you are yourself drunk in a dream, in reality you are threatened with a disease that you pick up solely by your negligence. It could be a cold, an accidental injury or some contagious disease, so be careful.
  • If you had a dream about your drunk acquaintance, wait for an unpleasant meeting or a forced visit to some boring party, you won't be able to get out.
  • A whole group of drunk people is a harbinger of an epidemic. Try to avoid crowded places, so as not to get infected.
  • If you see someone of your relatives in a dream, a sickness or a major grief awaits him.

Alcohol in itself is a poison for our body, so it’s not surprising that dreams of drunk people do not bode well, no.

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