What annoys retirees?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
February 8, 2013
What annoys retirees?

Retired. This is a special category of people. Some consider themselves to be nothing at all, and some of them, because of their health, are struggling with many everyday difficulties of the last strength. And this is not a discussion at all of these people, we all will get the opportunity to “try on” this status in due time. Over the years, retirees become irritable people. And what annoys retirees?

These are not statistical data, but simply observations of people in this category. So, they can be annoying:

  • noise,
  • children running
  • young people with bad habits,
  • garbage,
  • politicians.

This list may change, but some factors still remain stable. Let's respect these people, maybe, in our opinion, they are not always right, but we will give respect to their age and wish them good health.

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