What are good foundation reinforced concrete blocks

The foundation concrete block (FBS) has the shape of a parallelepiped and is made of high quality reinforced concrete. For ease of installation, the end sides of the stone are equipped with notches. When the blocks are located next to each other, the grooves form a flat cylindrical hole in which concrete is poured. So receive vertical seams in a laying from base reinforced concrete blocks. It is impossible to manufacture such a block independently: the technology of its production provides for vibropressing, which is possible only in the factory.
Foundation concrete blocks are of three types: from heavy concrete, from light concrete, from claydite-concrete. Each of the stones has its own characteristics. For example, claydite blocks retain heat well, and are therefore suitable for the construction of walls of basements, underground garages, basements, etc.
There are the following sizes of these building stones: in length they are 2380 mm, 1180 mm, 880 mm. In height: 580 mm and 280 mm, in width - 300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm. The smallest foundation block has dimensions of 880/300/580 mm, the largest - 2380/600/580 mm. Such a variety of stone sizes makes it possible to build structures with height differences and a complex configuration. The large size of the stones ensures fast construction of the foundations and a small amount of building material. So, for shallow ribbons (for a medium-sized house) you will need only 16 blocks. For recessed - 32.
The advantages of all types of foundation concrete blocks in high strength, not inferior to the monolith. Of these, you can build a columnar or ribbon base for the house, build basements, basements, underground passages, etc. Thanks to the method of their manufacture, these stones have the highest resistance to the external environment. The block has a high density, eliminating the presence of pores and voids. This ensures the hardness of the surface of the stone and the impossibility of developing a mold or fungus on it.
The large weight of the foundation reinforced concrete block can be attributed both to its advantages and disadvantages.The advantage is that the foundation of the house, built of these stones, acquires maximum stability. The disadvantage of a large weight is the complexity of installation, requiring the presence of special lifting equipment on the construction site.

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