What are the advantages and disadvantages of Israeli cosmetics?

Any woman who strictly monitors her appearance, cares and protects the beauty and youth of each part of her body, always carefully and very scrupulously chooses cosmetics, because, in many respects, their degree of positive impact depends on their quality and set of useful substances. .

Numerous advertised products that are offered in large volumes in the market of cosmetics, do not always cope with the promises made by their manufacturers, and, as a result, the money spent and the minimum result.

Rich in minerals and nutrients

But do not despair, especially if you have never tried to use Israeli cosmetics, which is based on the healing components of the world famous Dead Sea.

This amazing natural wealth is located on the border of the two countries, Israel and Jordan, since time immemorial it has been known for its healing, literally miraculous, properties, which caused repeated armed conflicts over the right to be its owner.

Especially highly valued was the water of the Dead Sea, which was exported far beyond the borders of the country, it was sold for a lot of money, because, not without reason, it was believed that it was able to heal the most difficult diseases, in particular, skin afflictions.

In order to feel for yourself what the Israeli cosmetics of the Dead Sea are useful for, it is not necessary to go on a long journey, moreover, to get to the fashionable hotels located on its coast is not so simple. The popularity of such miraculous cosmetics has grown so much that, more recently, it can be purchased at regular pharmacies or specialty perfume stores.

Gifts of the Dead Sea and their influence on Israeli cosmetics

The Dead Sea is considered to be the lowest place on the planet, perhaps, in many respects, this very fact influenced the formation of a rich stock of minerals and trace elements, which influenced the formation of a unique composition.

Source of youth and beauty

This water treasure is 10 times saltier than all the rest of the sea on the planet, and, for example, the content of bromine is 50 times more than in the waters of the Atlantic, 10 times more iodine, magnesium and other equally useful and healing elements.

It is amazing how the sea, called “dead”, possesses gifts that are necessary for a long and healthy life of living organisms. It becomes quite clear that cosmetics based on the gifts of the Dead Sea, has such a wide range of utilities.

Natural Israeli cosmetics are usually based on one of the main ingredients: mineral salts or mud sulphide mud, which are extracted from the depths and coasts of the reservoir.

These healing components have truly miraculous properties: mud is considered to be excellent anti-aging remedies that favorably affect the skin, eliminating small facial wrinkles, regulate metabolism, thereby contributing to the improvement of skin color, tone and elasticity.

Due to the huge amount of antioxidants, in the surface and deep layers of the epithelium, intensified collagen production is activated, which produces a complex rejuvenation.

Minerals, which are found in large quantities in salts and mud, greatly improve the condition of any skin types, especially dry ones, remove free radicals, protect against ultraviolet radiation and contribute to the disappearance of various inflammations and suppurations.

Main quality

The main feature of professional cosmetics from Israel is the fact that it is not necessary to acquire the most expensive and complex in composition funds, because even common and fairly low-cost products can have a tremendous effect.

These include sulphate silt mud, which can be sold in pure form in sachets or jars, as well as mineral salt.

It should be remembered that all other means - masks, tonics, serums, scrubs, soaps, shampoos and decorative cosmetics - are made on the basis of the above components, making them more convenient and enjoyable to use.

Naturally, if judged, then cosmetics based on dirt or salts with the addition of oils, vitamins, herbs and other useful components should be much more useful. However, it can be said with confidence that the original product is so healthy and rich in vitamins that all supplements are not so mandatory.

Of course, every woman should solve this issue on her own, but is there really a need to overpay a tidy sum for what is not so necessary? Also,There is a huge number of recipes based on inexpensive components of the Dead Sea, which allow at home to prepare equally useful masks, balsams, shampoos and other means.

Of course, acquiring Israeli cosmetics, I really want to make the right choice, because the manufacturers that import their cosmetics all over the world are huge.

There are funds for men

There is no need to cite the entire list, we can mention only the most well-known and widespread in our country means: Holy Land, Health & beauty, AHAVA, GIGI. As we have already said, it is not necessary to go directly to Israel for such cosmetics, just look at the pharmacy and examine the jars with the inscriptions “Dead Sea”, “Sea of ​​Life” or “Sea of ​​SPA”.

Recently, the use of the label “Sea of ​​Life” has been increasingly used. Indeed, it is difficult to associate such deadly and richest cosmetics of the world with the word “dead”. By the way, the sea received its name due to the fact that there is absolutely no living creature in it, but there it was: one kind of algae, as well as thousands of bacteria and viruses, are quite active in its waters.

What can I use cosmetics from the Dead Sea?

  • Of course, first of all for the skin of the face and the whole body, because its miraculous composition improves blood circulation, cleanses it, removing old and horny skin particles. Thanks to all this, your skin, as at the behest of a magic wand, is significantly transformed: temporary changes slow down, color improves, blooming, healthy and charming look is guaranteed!
  • Just dissolve the dirt in warm water and apply on the body for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. In addition, the Dead Sea mud successfully combats serious skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, allergies, various fungi, vitiligo, and many others.
  • If you have weakened hair, constantly fall out and do not really grow, then mineral mud is the best way to restore their health. To do this, dilute mud in the water enough to rub into the scalp and cover with a plastic bag for 30 minutes, then rinse with plenty of warm water.
  • To all of the above, you can add that the dirt and mineral salts are widely used for the treatment of cellulite, skin stretch marks, as well as for getting rid of excess weight.
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