Why do lips burn?

Catherine Ivanova
Catherine Ivanova
December 6, 2012
Why do lips burn?

All of us at least a little believe in omens. Since antiquity, people have noticed strange and surprising coincidences and fixed them. So many superstitions have occurred, which to this day make people think about seemingly simple questions. For example, why do the lips burn? And the person immediately opens the book or the Internet, asks his friends and relatives, if only to find out the meaning of this signal.

Signs and superstitions

The most common sign regarding this - to the upcoming kisses. But what kind of kisses? Popular wisdom says the following: if your upper lip is burning - kissing you with a man; bottom - with a baby or a woman; Well, if it so happened that both are burning - with a married couple!

Scientific explanations

If you unconditionally believe in omens, then get ready to enjoy the whole range of kisses, but let's look at more scientific reasons for why lips are burning.

  1. This is possible with allergies, such as cosmetics. Carefully study the composition of your lipstick. One of the components may not be suitable for you.
  2. Lack of iron and vitamin B2.Eat more seafood and meat. Good nuts, cheese, cottage cheese and all vegetables that contain riboflavin (vitamin B2). These are cabbage, beet, tomatoes, carrots and potatoes beloved by many. Even the water after boiled potatoes - a kind of medicine for the lips, hands and nails. Do not pour it out!
  3. External influence. Maybe you were too long on the street, in the wind and lips just weathered. Remember if you ate something spicy? Hot pepper can be very irritating to the skin, especially as tender as on the lips. Or perhaps you were kissing too passionately the day before? Agree, it is very much in common with national signs, only in this case, the lips do not burn before the kisses, but after them! In this situation, softening balms or plain olive oil will help.
  4. Lips can burn when it is a symptom of a serious disease - herpes. If itching in the lips does not go long enough - hurry to the doctor. This is not a commonplace cold, as many believe, but a serious viral disease.

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