What can you draw in a diary?

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What can you draw in a diary?

Psychologists say that keeping a personal diary is very useful. On the pages of the diary, you can throw out all the accumulated negative, honestly talk to yourself, sort out your thoughts. Today paper diaries are giving way to electronic ones. People get blogs, pages in social networks. But the paper diary is a much more intimate and unique thing, which reflects the personality of its owner. Today we will talk about what you can draw in a diary and how to decorate it. If you have not kept a diary, then you may be interested in the following articles on our portal:

How can I make a diary: ideas

Registration of a personal diary, as well as its content, is very individual. However, there are some drawings that are traditionally depicted in diaries. Let's talk about them.

  • Ornaments, patterns, frames, vignettes. These cute details will make your diary truly unique. You can draw a new pattern every day or repeat the ornament you like.It all depends on your imagination and taste.Draw in diary
  • Letters, words. It is not necessary to write in a diary in simple letters. You can draw some particularly meaningful word like graffiti, for example. This may be the name of a dear person, some bright idea or thought, expressed in one or several words. You can draw letters with multicolored pens or pencils or copy an old-fashioned ornate font.
  • Comics. It will be very interesting if you draw the events of the day in the form of comics. Picture yourself and other people with whom you communicate, heroes of comics or anime. If it does not work out right away, as in real comics, do not be discouraged! Everything comes in experience. You can also write down some interesting story from your life, accompanied by its illustrations.Draw in diary
  • Plans, charts, cards. The diary is not only entertainment, but also a good helper in planning life. You can write important quotes for famous people, goals for the near future, affirmations, etc., and highlight them in bright frames or arrange them in the form of cards, charts. So they will constantly attract your attention, motivating them to continue working with them.
  • Portraits.To make a personal diary inside, you can draw portraits of loved ones, acquaintances, friends, movie characters. Having painted a portrait, briefly write alongside what unites you with this person, what he remembered.

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