What causes toxicosis in pregnant women

Occurrence of toxicosis

Toxicosis is a rather unpleasant violation of the normal functioning of the body, which concerns mainly the digestive system. So, with toxicosis in a pregnant woman, dietary habits change dramatically, there is an aversion to the usual foods, and smells of food can cause nausea. Moreover, this condition is often accompanied by frequent, from 3 to 12 times a day, vomiting and a significant decrease in appetite.
According to various estimates, from 10% to 50% of women experience toxicosis during pregnancy. Moreover, in most cases, it occurs in early pregnancy and passes by itself at about 12-13 weeks. However, there are situations when toxicosis occurs already in the third trimester: in these cases, it is usually more severe, and doctors sometimes even recommend that a pregnant woman be hospitalized for continuous monitoring of her condition.

Causes of toxicosis

The causes of toxicosis are quite diverse, and in each case, this problem may be caused by various factors. So, experts believe that one of the most common reasons for its occurrence may be hormonal alteration of the body, causing such a reaction. Over time, they argue, the woman's body adapts to change, so toxicosis goes away.
The presence of chronic diseases is another factor that can cause toxicosis. They weaken the woman's body and during the period of increased stress, to which pregnancy may well be attributed, he reacts with a general deterioration of the condition. In addition, the hereditary factor, which, according to doctors, plays a certain role in the emergence of toxicosis, may aggravate the situation: so, if the mother of the woman suffered from this symptom during pregnancy, she herself during this period, the probability of its occurrence significantly increases.
In addition, it should be borne in mind that the likelihood of toxicosis increases with late pregnancies, which are usually referred to as pregnancy after 30 years.Finally, experts emphasize that mothers who expect the appearance of several children at the same time also suffer from toxicosis more often than those who bear only one child.
However, in all these cases, it is worthwhile to treat the onset of toxicosis as a temporary problem and try to find ways to alleviate your condition. So, doctors recommend that in no case do not refuse food completely, but take it in small portions and focus on products that do not have a pronounced taste and smell. It is also useful to take vitamin complexes in order to protect yourself from the deficiency of nutrients necessary for the future baby.

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