What documents need to be changed after marriage?

Marriage is pleasant chores, decorations, invitations for guests, a banquet, etc. Brides happily agree to change the name, not thinking about the fact that the replacement of an ordinary passport is not enough. But young ladies who wish to leave their maiden name, fearing paper-document red tape, do not get smaller every year.

For those who are not afraid of these problems with re-registration, if only with pride and love for the patriarchal custom to carry the husband's surname, we offer a basic list of documents to replace the documents, indicating the terms of their replacement by Russian law. Familiarize yourself with the material and time costs (you can not do without public queues) and make a decision, given that often the different surnames of a mother who refused to take her husband's surname and born children can lead to legal problems.

What documents need to be changed after marriage?

Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

The Russian passport is the first document to replace with which one should begin after the legal registration of the marriage registration with the change of the last name. The terms of the replacement are 30 days from the date of registration of the marriage relationship.

If the couple intends to travel with departure abroad, then it is necessary to take into account the time of keeping deadlines for replacing a passport. Legislation not complying with the 30-day period guarantees a fine for an expired passport in the amount of 2,000–3,000 rubles (for residents of the Russian cities-megacities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, the punishment in 2016 will be more significant - from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles).

Overdue passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation "pull" on monetary penalties from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles

Replacement of a Russian passport takes place in the prescribed manner at the appropriate subdivision of the passport office or passport and visa service within 10 days if there is a permanent residence permit and within two months - with a temporary one. Appealing to the Russian government services portal gosuslugi.ru will significantly shorten the time for submitting an application and receiving the finished document.

The new passport received in time will become the basis for the renewal of other documents: SNILS, TIN, medical policy, etc.

What documents need to be changed after marriage?

International passport

Renewing a passport does not need such urgency as a Russian one: it can be replaced at a convenient time before the planned trip. However, if a happy couple of honeymooners is supposed to honeymoon not in their native land, but on the foreign, then the change of documents in combination with the purchase of vouchers, air tickets and tourist visa is nuanced:

  1. A trip to visa-free countries is also possible with an old international passport; it is important that the maiden name be indicated everywhere.
  2. If the trip to the countries that require a visa is held after the fact of marriage, and the visa documents were submitted before the wedding, everything is arranged for a maiden name: the surnames in the RF- and the foreign passport at the time of obtaining the visa must be the same.

The application for the replacement of the passport, as well as the Russian one, is recommended to file state services on the site - this will significantly reduce the time spent on correctly filling out the application and waiting in queues.

The portal of public services gosuslugi.ru will save a lot of time and nerves when re-issuing documents

Insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance (SNILS)

To replace a laminated green card, changing the name of the insured is a mandatory criterion. The hassle of replacing is the responsibility of the personnel department or accounting department if the young lady who replaces the surname after marriage works, and will fall directly on the fragile female shoulders of the young wife otherwise. The regulated replacement period is from one to three months. To reissue a SNILS, you will need a statement in the established form, a Russian passport with a new name and an old SNILS.

What documents need to be changed after marriage?

Medical policy

It is better not to postpone the replacement of a medical policy, although the timing of its renewal is not limited - situations are unexpected. This mission will be fulfilled by the employer, if the girl who changed her last name works, and if she doesn’t, then she should personally contact the insurance company that registered the previous medical policy. You should have a new passport and a previous policy with you, depending on the organization of work of the insurance company, the replacement period will be from two weeks to two months.


In the certificate of assignment of an individual number, only the name of the taxpayer will change.Contact with the re-registration should be in the tax office at the place of residence, the replacement is carried out in one to ten days.

Bank accounts and cards

Replacement of individual bank details is obligatory: if the surname is not true, there will be problems in receiving / sending transfers and other banking operations. Cards of salary projects change through the employer, other individual cards - privately when contacting a bank or a bank branch. Replacement times usually vary in a few days.

What documents need to be changed after marriage?

Other documents

Driving license confirming property rights to real estate, etc. You can reissue, but not necessarily - keep a notarized copy of the marriage certificate, confirming the change of name, under your hands. For a driver's license, a replacement with a new one will be relevant when the validity period is about to end - the replacement in the traffic police is from several days to two months.

A record of the change of the owner’s name is made in the PTS without replacing the document itself, and the vehicle registration certificate must be replaced

In the work book, if a woman who has changed her last name after her marriage works, a change is made in the prescribed manner with reference to the marriage registration certificate with its identification data.

Replacement of documents, if the girl who changed her name when getting married, studies at a college, university, technical school, etc., is performed by the administration of the educational institution: student card, record book, admission to the laboratory, etc. change over the course of a day or two by changing the surname entry.

What documents need to be changed after marriage?

Some difficulties and bureaucratic delays in replacing documents are obvious, but if you connect fate with another person, as they say, for centuries - it will not frighten: two or three months, and a single surname of members of a new family will warm the heart and soul for many years.

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