What does the name Matthew mean?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
November 17, 2014
What does the name Matthew mean?

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What does the name Matthew mean?

For a long time, it was customary to call a child the name of a saint whose memory is honored this month. Find out from whom when the name day, help the calendar. How to name a boy in October? Names of boys born in October: Igor, Nazar, Rodion, Oleg, Vladimir and others. These include the old Russian name Matvey. What does the name Matthew mean, and how will it affect the further fate of the child?

Origin of name

The name Matthew has Hebrew roots and is translated as God-bestowed or a man of God. In the church tradition Matthew sounds. In October, they commemorate Matthew Pechersk, the Prudent, who was engaged in healing in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.


The main character traits of a person named Matvey are modesty and prudence, manifested since childhood. Little Matvey usually has good health and in general does not cause trouble to parents. Instead of playing pranks with other boys, Matvey finds for himself quieter pursuits.It is impossible to say that the child has a learning burden, but he treats the tasks in good faith.

In adolescence, the value of the name Matthew for a child acquires new shades. The boy becomes independent, avoids conflicts, but if necessary, he can stand up for himself. Matvey is an honest and noble young man who rejects a lie in any of its manifestations.

Congenital modesty, as a rule, does not allow Matthew to achieve a high position in life. Quietly and conscientiously working, he tries not to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes Matvey can overcome the morale, but such impulses quickly and to no avail diminish.

Matthew has strong moral principles. Matvey is a loving son who has long lived with his parents. Having got a family, he becomes a caring father and a faithful husband. Unfortunately, marriage with Matthew is rarely happy.

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