What does the name Olga mean?

Constantine the Great
Constantine the Great
July 8, 2011
What does the name Olga mean?

Quite often, people attribute special characteristics or traits to the owners of one or another name; this is only partially justified, because you can meet namesake, completely different in appearance and character. But, as they say "how do you call a boat - so it will float." A child named by a certain name reacts to his sounds, is especially appreciated by others and through this he forms part of the traits that are embedded in the meaning of the name by popular wisdom.

Olga is one of the most common names in Russia and the CIS. The origin of the name Slavic or Scandinavian. What does the name Olga mean? Originally the name Olga appeared in Scandinavia as Helga (Helga) is a derivative of the Scandinavian version of the name Oleg Helgi. Translated from the Scandinavian Helga means holy, great. The name Olga is used in other countries of the Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, but sometimes it varies slightly: Volga in Belarus, Helga in Germany.

Meaning of the name

When translated from other languages, Olga means holy, great, bright, dignified, independent, princess and mistress, stubborn, faithful.

What is she - Olga?

What does the name Olga mean in terms of the character of its owner:

  • She is serious, rational and thoughtful, trying to weigh everything before making any decision. That is why you cannot call it risky, it does not commit rash acts, bold or unexpected.
  • Being vulnerable and easily vulnerable, she takes the criticism hard and easily offends her.
  • Stubborn - even knowing that she is not right or is to blame, she will not change her position and will not tolerate or apologize first.
  • It is easy to establish contact with different people, find something to do and what to talk with anyone.
  • In general, Olga's persistence does not hold, she always stands her ground, purposefully goes to achievements, knows what she wants and what she needs.
  • She is powerful and loves control, she likes to know the situation, control events and give instructions, she controls both herself and others, rarely gives out her emotions.
  • She is responsible, always watching the deadlines, orders, tasks, if she promised something - she will certainly fulfill it.
  • In addition to stubbornness and stubbornness, Olga has a very good memory in relation to other people, she keeps insults for a long time, can remember them or not at all forgive, at the same time she is very faithful and will always remain a close and reliable friend or partner.
  • Olga has strict principles, she will not break her internal code under any circumstances, as if she promised something or forbade herself, she will definitely fulfill it. She also judges others according to her own standards.
  • She is not sentimental and does not like to vividly express her emotions, but to share them with a narrow circle of people is a joy to her.

So, based on what the name Olga means, her character is not simple, but there are a lot of positive qualities in her, for which she can and must be respected.

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