What does the title page look like?

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What does the title page look like?

An important part of scientific work is the correct design of the title page. The academic community has established certain standards and requirements governing the appearance of the first page, which must be observed.

General rules

To properly form a report, essay or coursework, you need to follow the simple rules that are given below. Do not forget to indent from the edge of the sheet: 2 cm above and below; left - 3 cm; on the right - 2 cm.

Font need to use Times New Roman, 14 size and one and a half spacing. Numbering the page is not necessary.

How to issue the title page of the report

Typically, the requirements for a report or abstract paper are not as strict as, for example, for diploma or coursework. But still it is necessary to adhere to the standards so that the work makes a good impression.

  1. So, first you need to properly arrange the cap. We write: "The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation". We retreat one line and write the full name of the educational institution.Retreat the line and indicate the faculty.
  2. We retreat from the top edge of 3 lines and write the name of the specialty. Below we indicate the type of work - the report - in bold.
  3. In the lower part we write the name of the student and teacher who will accept the work.
  4. At the bottom - the city and the year of writing.

Registration of the title page of the abstract

  1. So, at the top, making an indent of 2 cm, we write: “Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation”.
  2. Retreat the line and specify the name of the institution. And in the center of the sheet - the name of the work in bold - 16 size.
  3. On the right, at the bottom of the sheet, we indicate the name of the person who performed the work, and the line below shows the name of the person who accepts the work.
  4. Align all the information in the center, and the student and teacher data is right.

How to issue a title page coursework

  1. At the top of the sheet we write: "The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation", then we indicate the name of the educational institution. Step back 1-2 lines and write the name of the department, and the line below - academic discipline.
  2. In the middle of the sheet indicate the theme of the course in bold or in capital letters. Student's full name, course, group, form of education - we type in the lower right corner, and indicate the teacher’s data in the same place: full name, position.
  3. At the very bottom we write the city and the year of the work.

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