What drugs are taken during pregnancy, if the uterus is in good shape

You will need
  • "No-shpa", tincture of valerian, motherwort
If you have experienced such an unpleasant condition as hypertonia of the uterus during pregnancy, contact your doctor. Normally, the muscle fibers periodically tense and relax. With hypertonia, their tension can be very strong and long. If your stomach has become hard and you feel a nagging pain in this area, do not disregard it. Hypertonus threatens miscarriage and is one of the causes of miscarriage.
If you feel the unpleasant symptoms of hypertonus of the uterus, try to take a comfortable posture and relax. You can lie down on the sofa. In the event that the pain is bothering you, take an antispasmodic pill. The most common drug recommended by doctors in this situation is “No-shpa”.
You can take 1 or 2 tablets "No-shpy", washed down with water.A more accurate dosage of the drug can be prescribed only by a doctor. As a rule, hypertonus is detected during the next inspection, but it can also occur suddenly. Be sure to tell the gynecologist about the appearance of pain. He may prescribe a daily antispasmodic as a prophylaxis.
Remember that hypertonus can be caused by stress. To relieve tension in your muscles, try to calm down, but rather drink some water with the addition of motherwort or valerian tincture. Try to avoid situations that can upset you.
The tension of muscle fibers causes magnesium deficiency in the body. To eliminate its shortage, take Magne B6. Recommendations about the optimal dosage of funds can give the attending physician. In addition, he can clarify in what form it is better to take this drug. As a preventive measure, you can take 2 tablets each day containing magnesium ions.

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