What foods help digestion

The culprit of failures in the work of digestion is our diet. For the most part, it consists of already processed foods that contain little fiber. A large number of meat products, occupying the lion's part of the refrigerator space, contains antibiotics, due to which the intestine lacks the necessary nutrients and bacteria. Diets also do not contribute to healthy flora in the stomach. Any restrictions on food, or focusing only a few products in your diet, do not promise anything good for the digestive tract.

Kefir will help to protect the stomach from frustration. It is difficult to find a more useful product. It contains a huge amount of beneficial bacteria that colonize the intestines and helps it function properly. Just one glass of kefir at night can quickly improve digestion and help avoid problems with the stomach during the day.

Cabbage. This vegetable contains a large amount of fiber and is a versatile product in any kitchen.You can make salads from it, fry, stew, add to borsch. Aloof is sauerkraut. This breeding ground for beneficial bacteria and microorganisms is able to quickly eliminate digestive problems.

Beet. Root crop will come to the aid of stomach disorders. The content of a large amount of fiber and vegetable components, gives the beet laxative effect.

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