What is a farm for crypto currency and how does it work?


Relatively recently, Internet users heard a new term - "Mining Farm". And, of course, many became interested in him. And this is not surprising, because this concept is associated with passive income through the network. We are talking about a cryptocurrency mining farm, which is a large number of computers integrated for continuous computing. The main goal is to form blocks of a chain (blockchain) of virtual currency, and the main work is entrusted to video cards or special chips. To generate income, a new generation of equipment is needed, which are expensive. Therefore, a cryptocurrency mining farm is expensive.

How does mining mining for cryptocurrency mining work?

The principle of the farm for mining crypto currency is the processing of data by computers connected to the network of the block system, which makes it possible to extract bitcoins or other crypto currency.

The blockchain network is a block of transactions connected in a common chain in accordance with certain rules (ethereum platform). Cryptocurrency is based on such a distributed database. It is these blocks that are required to be found for users who attempt to drop the bitcoin. It is possible to obtain crypto-currency by means of trusses from a couple of minutes to several days.


Block search time depends on two main factors:

  • First factor- the complexity of the network. For example, if it is old, then more miners and higher graphics cards are needed. Thus, the older the network, the more time it takes to master the crypto currency on the farm.
  • Second factor- equipment power. You can quickly find a block only with a powerful video card.

On a note! The extraction, obtained with the help of a farm for mining crypto-currency, is divided among all the miners. If you extract bitcoin yourself on a home computer, you can take all your earnings, but, as a rule, it is negligible. As for pooling users and creating cryptocurrency mining farms, they guarantee a more substantial income.

What types of mining farms are there?

Today, there are the following types of cryptocurrency mining farms:

  • based on FPGA modules;
  • based on video cards;
  • based on ASIC processors.

That mining farm, which is based on video cards, is dependent on the total capacity of the equipment. It is this parameter that affects the size of production and the speed of block search. If you mine cryptocurrency with a farm based on video cards, you will have to pay large sums of money for electricity. However, such equipment is reliable and does not take up much space.


The modern way of mining cryptocurrency is the creation of a farm based on ASIC-processors. The main disadvantage is the high cost. If finances allow, it is better to create a mining farm for mining bitcoins based on ASIC processors.


If users pooled to mine virtual coins using FPGA modules, they need to know that such a system requires maximum cooling.


Is it possible to build a farm for mining bitcoins with your own hands?

Many newcomers ask the question: Is it possible to harvest a farm independently? It really is possible. The best option for beginners is to create a farm based on video cards for bitcoin mining.

True, you should not indulge yourself with illusions. Just buying a video card of the required power and installing it into the computer case will not be enough.This equipment can heat up to 120 degrees, so you need a high-quality cooling system. Otherwise, the equipment expects overheating, which will cause its failure. The best option for mining a farm based on video cards is to install additional fans that will solve the problem.

Thus, to create a farm for mining crypto-currency with their own hands is quite realistic. You can try to do it yourself or team up with other users in pools to engage in the production of bitcoins. It is best to install the video card on a special rack, and fix the fans around the perimeter.

In addition, energy is an important issue. Since the farm for the crypto currency loan is quite energy-intensive, it is necessary to take measures to reduce the current consumption. Otherwise, the extraction of bitcoins will significantly hit the pocket, and payback remains questionable. On average, the power devices is 50−100 Wh * h. When using six video cards will turn out 300−600 Wh * h. To earn the maximum, you need to mine coins around the clock. By simple calculations obtained 7.2−14.4 kW per day.


Also, one should think about the fact that video cards themselves are not capable of functioning. When creating a farm for mining, a crypto currency miner needs to install them into the computer. Even an ordinary user will understand that you will need to use more RAM, hard disk and other components. And they, as you know, also need electricity. On average, up to 400 watts. Thus, the energy consumption when creating a mining farm for bitcoin mining is definitely high.

Considering the option of creating a farm for mining cryptocurrency, it is important to take into account another nuance - large size. Therefore, to build a farm you will need to pre-allocate additional space.

On a note! It should be noted that mining mining Bitcoins, based on processorsASIC, also require large areas. Some equipment has a mass of about 25 kg and above.

How much does bitcoin farm bring?

To understand the profitability of the business of mining cryptocurrency, it is worth counting how much the farm brings for mining Bitcoins and whether the revenues are worth it. As an example, we will consider 3 options for assembling a farm for mining cryptocurrency in Russia:

  1. There is a video card Radeon R9 380x, for which it was necessary to give about 10 thousand rubles.The cost of electricity is 4 rubles per kW per hour. The power of this video card is 375 W or even higher. The bitcoin rate is about 1,800 dollars. Considering that in an hour, ideally, it will be possible to receive no more than 300 dollars per hour. Installation capacity - 0.5 Ghash / s. Based on the conditions, the income figures are negligible, since they can not even cover the cost of electricity, not to mention the payback of the video card. The result is unprofitable. From this we can conclude that the mining farm for mining cryptocurrency, created at home, does not generate income.
  2. You can consider another option to build a farm for mining bitcoins. Suppose we take not one, but six video cards, thereby increasing the power of the device. If the fate that power consumption has increased to at least 2.2 kW, and the productivity is 3 Ghash / s, the loss from such mining of the farm for bitcoin mining is even more significant. Thus, by increasing the power of the equipment, the losses increase proportionally.
  3. If we consider a modern mining farm cryptocurrency, created on the basis of the processor ASIC, the following results will be obtained.The basis is taken controller model AntMiner S9. The price of the device is from 100 thousand rubles. The cost of electricity per kW per hour remains unchanged. The created bitcoin mining farm consumes about 360 kW, excluding the computer. The course also remains the same. In terms of performance, this equipment exceeds the one that was considered in the previous example, 28 thousand times higher. The result is the same. The farm is unprofitable for as much as for a single-card installation. Even on the most powerful equipment, a farm for mining cryptocurrency is not allowed to make money.


Based on the above, we can conclude that today any mining farm for mining Bitcoins will not bring income. Moreover, it does not even cover the cost of electricity, not to mention the full payback.

Important! But we are talking about Bitcoins. Perhaps, on other types of cryptocurrency to earn quite real. For example, on such asLitecoin and others that are less developed and not widely popular.


Thus, it can be concluded that for the organization of the mining of the farm will require initial investment, and considerable.The most expensive is the equipment based on the ASIC processor, less investment is required by a device with a video card. But, oddly enough, the result of their work is almost the same. In other words, both the one and the other for cryptocurrency mining give an equal loss.

Of course, if miners are combined pools, the investment for each seems less than when working alone. But then the earnings in this case will have to be divided. As a result, nothing will change.

Today in China there are large companies that are engaged in the creation of cryptocurrency mining farms. Their devices are based on ASIC processors, and one of these organizations provides almost a third of all operations on the Internet. It is likely that this type of business is suitable for young cryptocurrencies, but not for bitcoins. Perhaps miners should join in pools and get less popular types of virtual coins.

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