What is a truffle?

Every real gourmet should have an idea how the fried truffle is different from sweet truffles. If you do not feel any difference, then this article will be useful for you: you will learn what a truffle is.

What is truffle?

This product is known in its two manifestations. First, truffle is a special type of marsupial fungi. But secondly, the truffle is a confection. Let's talk about each in more detail.

Marsupial mushrooms

First of all, we note that the mushrooms of this species are very valuable and are considered an expensive delicacy. Speaking about how much a truffle costs, it is impossible not to be surprised, since the cost of one kilogram of this product can start from $ 900 to infinity. And this is not the limit. Why so expensive, you ask? The fact is that truffles can only be found in oak or beech forests. In addition, they grow at a depth of 30 cm under the ground. The task of collecting mushrooms is not simple, hence the price. In addition, truffles are considered the most delicious mushrooms in the world. Their aroma and taste is remembered from the first time for a lifetime.So say those lucky ones who managed to try a delicacy. For more information on how to cook truffles and other mushrooms, learn from our article How to eat mushrooms.

Types of truffles

In total, there are 9 types of truffles, but each year new species are found and described in America. The most famous and edible mushrooms are French black, summer, Russian black. The most delicious mushrooms grow in Piedmont and are a type of Italian truffles.

Sweet truffles

Many sweet tooth truffles are known, above all, as candy. The name of the sweets appeared due to the appearance of the product with the mushroom, which we discussed above. A distinctive feature of the candy is the filling, which serves as ganache. It is a cream made from chocolate, cream and butter. Classical truffle is most likely prepared using this technology. As a final product, a chocolate coated icing filled with ganache is obtained. In addition, truffles must be wrapped in waffles, cocoa or decorated with chocolate patterns. Often the confectioner may add different flavors to the ganache.For example, a particularly tasty truffle is obtained with the addition of alcohol (brandy, rum, liqueur).

On the territory of our country you can find a truffle made of a solid mixture in the shape of a cone. Very sweet and high in calories. The most exquisite dessert is French truffle. It is made from the finest chocolate of the highest quality, adding delicate cream and alcohol to the cream. The ideal form of dessert according to Western standards is a ball or an uneven lump (the mushrooms of the same name also look like in nature). You can meet such a dessert in the menu in any restaurant in France, but you can find the most delicious truffles only in the best of them.

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