What is AIDS - HIV infection

Chto takoe SPID - VICH-infektsiya What is AIDS - HIV infectionWhat is AIDS?

What is aids?



AIDS- Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, a disease due to which the human immune system is destroyed. The cause of AIDS is a virus that lives in the blood cells. This virus is called the human immunodeficiency virus - HIV. Therefore, it is correct to call this disease - "HIV infection". The main factors of infection with AIDS are currently intravenous drug use and casual sexual relationships.


On average, the incubation period between infection and the development of immunodeficiency syndrome is estimated at five years or more, and the state of carriers of the virus for a long time can remain quite normal.


AIDS is not curable.



Causative agent of aidsbehaves insidiously - the substance forming the basis of a virus becomes chemically similar to genetic structures. A living cell, obeying biochemical laws, allows the virus to use the rules of these laws, and only when the body's cells begin to die does the AIDS disease itself begin.


Therefore, if a person becomes infected with HIV during adolescence, a person may not have been aware of his incurable disease for years. Contrary to many "sensational" statements in the press, it remains a fact that to this dayAIDS cannot be completely cured.


And in terms of distributionepidemicsanyone who does not comply with the rules for reducing personal risk can get infected: do not use drugs and do not engage in casual sex. You have a suspicion, you should see a doctor and go through an examination (possibly anonymous) for HIV infection if the following symptoms are observed: weakness, fatigue, fatigue; prolonged fever (1.5–2 months or more), accompanied bynight sweats, indigestion, not amenable to drug and physiotherapeutic treatment; weight loss during this time 8 - 10 kg, for no apparent reason; unusual damage to the mucous membrane of the mouth; resembling inflammatory foci; white spot on the back of the tongue-swollen lymph nodeson the neck, armpits and groin without signs of inflammation in the body.

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