What is analysis?

To obtain information about any object or phenomenon, a method known as analysis is used. What is analysis and what is the meaning of its application - these aspects were formed by the ancient Greeks. Using analysis - i.e. comparisons of facts and characteristics of the object under study are usually considered separate parts of the whole.

This method is used almost everywhere. This is the main way to obtain data in science, technology and medicine.

What is a blood test

One of the first appointments of any doctor is a blood test. Often, blood is taken either from a finger - to check the condition of capillary blood, or from a vein - to check venous blood. On average, a blood test shows the general state of the patient’s immunity in terms of the presence and characteristics of red blood cells and white blood cells.

A similar analysis is made, both before the course of treatment and for the prevention of diseases. It also shows the consistency of blood, which, by changing, changes the properties of clotting. Often this is a contraindication for surgery.

What is biochemical analysis

It is conducted when necessary, and is not standard. Since This is a more accurate and detailed laboratory blood test. Shows not only the general condition of the body, but also individual organs.

Conducting a biochemical analysis, break down the blood to identify all trace elements and analyze the chemical composition. This method can help identify the disease in its early stages, when it does not affect the patient's well-being.

What is an ESR analysis

ESR is the erythrocyte sedimentation rate. Depending on this indicator, which varies depending on gender, it is possible to judge the presence of inflammatory processes in the body.

Typically, capillary or venous blood is used to perform this analysis. Since the process of food is accompanied by an increase in the number of blood cells, which interferes with the analysis, the blood is taken before meals, or a few hours after. In the laboratory, blood is distributed to the plasma and part of the blood with erythrocytes deposited. If the amount of proteins in this part of the blood is increased, this indicates an inflammatory process.

What is PCR analysis

This type of analysis is called a polymerase chain reaction carried out in a DNA chain. The chain consists of nucleotides that form the basis of RNA and DNA. Sometimes many of them are so small that it is almost impossible to consider the properties of this element. All this is due to the fact that due to the nucleus of the cell in which the chain is located, it decreases in size to a thousandth of a millimeter.

PCR analysis is aimed just at identifying these microparticles and detailed decoding of their functions. PCR is based on the process of imitating the natural division of the DNA replication chain. An hour later, there are already more than 50 billion molecules. Having this amount of genetic material, it is possible to analyze the properties of its individual parts.

Most often this analysis is used in medicine, genetics. Recently, it has been used in archeology for identification, as well as during a forensic examination.

SWOT analysis what it is

It stands for an abbreviation of the English words "strength", "weakness", "opportunity" and "threat". This method of analysis allows you to consider all aspects of a project or enterprise. First, it is the identification of the winning sides of the project, thanks to which it will become successful. This can be a good business plan, investment, the right strategy, etc.

Next, it turns out the weaknesses. Incompetence of staff, great competition or the presence of non-payment of loans - in general, everything that casts doubt on the success of the enterprise. After that, the possibilities of the project are clarified. A strategic development plan for a specific period.

The last are risks. Taking into account them, a project fund is being formed, insurance is issued, and benefits are expected to be received in connection with emergency cases.

What is text analysis

The text analysis method is usually carried out by search engine robots for compliance with search queries, the number of keywords and the uniqueness of text content. The number of keys must be in a certain percentage of the volume of text. If they are an order of magnitude more, then this can be interpreted as a “black SEO” and a site with such content can be banned.

The content should have a high uniqueness, thus, both search engine robots and webmasters will see that the text was created for users to read, and not for fraud with links or advertising.

Not superfluous in the analysis of the text is such an aspect as validity.Errors in the writing of the page code will prevent the robot from properly scanning the page. Therefore, initially the code must be correct. In this case, the robot will skip this page and not display it in the search results. And this, in turn, will adversely affect the promotion of the site as a whole.

All the methods described above are suitable for completely different applications. And it is not surprising, because what is the method of analysis, if not the processing of information about various aspects of any object and any phenomenon. You can apply the analysis and in everyday life.

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