What is diamond?

“Pure Brilliant” - this definition is applicable only to natural diamonds, which have absolute transparency. When lowering the cut stones into a glass of water, they seem to "dissolve", since the refractive index of light from a diamond and water is the same. A diamond is the only gem possessing a similar property. Recently, scientists have managed to create a synthetic diamond, just like a natural analogue. This is not surprising: artificial crystals are grown in specially created conditions (if compared with medicine, then in complete sterility), therefore, it is possible to avoid defects in the form of opacities, cracks, and foreign inclusions. The name "diamond" as well as possible underlines the similarity of the properties of natural diamond and synthetic "double".

Not everyone can indulge in a natural diamond, and the question “if there is no difference — why pay more?” Is very relevant. Due to the chemical composition of brilliant and complex cutting technology, imitation is impossible to determine by eye.When viewed under a magnifying glass, it can be seen that the cutting lines of a natural diamond are clear, and in brilliant, they are slightly smoothed, but whether someone will be looking at the jewelry under a microscope. The demand for luxury jewelry is slowly but surely growing.

What is diamond?

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Imitation or deception?

"Brillianite" - a brand, patented by the company "Television Trading Network" (TTS). The chemical composition remains a trade secret. The manufacturer does not hide that the stones are of artificial origin, therefore the consumer’s deception is excluded. Judging by the pace of sales of luxury jewelry with a diamond, the number of jewelry with a synthetic analogue will soon “wake up” the market for jewelry with natural diamonds. Of course, there will be experts and connoisseurs of real diamonds, who respond to artificial crystals with a hint of slight contempt, but they will not find a counter-argument to some facts:

  • it is impossible to visually distinguish diamond from diamond without the use of special equipment;
  • the play of the brilliance of the facets of a diamond is in no way inferior to the natural counterpart either in daylight or in artificial light;
  • inside the crystal there are no defects of any kind or extraneous inclusions, which guarantees flawless transparency;
  • brillianite perfectly looks in a cut from any metals.

Manufacturers of jewelry with diamonds are much more honest with buyers than jewelers. Is it often the information on five-digit diamond price tags that the crystal is grown in artificial conditions?

What is diamond?

Gold pendant with diamonds, SL;gold earrings with diamonds, SL;gold ring with diamonds SL(prices link)

Products with brillianite: buy or not to buy?

Are you dreaming about a piece of jewelry that looks like a million, but worth hundreds of times less? The price of jewelery with a diamond is available to both a young girl and a student. It’s not a fact that a necklace with natural diamonds will be on the neck of a wealthy lady: quite often exact copies of designer jewelry, for the production of which diamonds are used, are ordered.

Assortment of diamond jewelry

The low price allows you to purchase a complete set of jewelry: rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, made in the same style.The artists-jewelers masterfully combine brillianites of different sizes and shades, as a result each product acquires a surprising effect of iridescent radiance.

Brillianite does not have a high hardness, so the jewelry should be protected from mechanical damage: with inaccurate handling, scratches can form on the surface

Jewelry is a bright indicator of social status and status. Products with diamond will help you look elegant and stylish regardless of financial situation.

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