What is combined gold?

The jewelry industry never ceases to amaze with the refinement and magic of forms and types of products. Fantasy masters creates all new and new gold jewelry, which are distinguished by elegance and style.

Combined gold and other types of this metal

There are the following types of gold used in jewelry:

  1. Pure gold.This is a precious metal that is not used to create jewelry. It is too soft and easily deformed when used.
  1. Yellow Gold.It is an alloy of gold with pure silver or an alloy of silver and copper in equal proportions. The color of this gold varies from yellow to greenish-lemon. This alloy was used before in the mint for making money.

The higher the percentage of copper in the alloy, the stronger the color of gold is to red. This species is still considered pure gold.

  1. Pink gold.Most of the metals in the alloy is copper. Cheap gold jewelry is made from this gold.
  1. White gold.A mixture of pure gold and platinum is called white gold. Sometimes platinum is replaced with nickel. This gives the product a purer color.
  1. Combined gold.And finally, the combined gold is a mixture of two or several kinds of precious metal. The percentage of each ingredient in the combined gold determines the originality and value of the jewelry.

There are non-traditional types of gold, which differ from each other in color, which depends on the second component of the alloy. Among them:

  • Green - potassium;
  • Blue is indium;
  • Blue - iron and chrome;
  • Violet - aluminum.

But products made from this type of gold, no. These varieties are used for drawing patterns and inclusions, sometimes replacing precious or semi-precious stones with them.

What is combined gold?

Earrings in white and pink gold with diamonds, SL;ring from white and pink gold with a diamond, SL(prices link)

Combined Gold Jewelry

Jewelers use combined gold to create unique and modern jewelry. Metal differs in its resistance to wear and an amazing opportunity to model the most beautiful and exquisite jewelry.

There are a number of jewelry, for the manufacture of which the combined gold is used:

  • Rings of combined gold.These are products in which there are several types of gold. Combined gold rings look stylish and expensive. The connection of several types of metals is carried out at the molecular level using the most modern technologies. In the products used interspersed with precious stones. For example, a ring of combined gold with diamonds is an exquisite and unique decoration that will not lose its relevance after many years.
  • Wedding rings from the combined gold.Today, in the manufacture of wedding rings, combined gold is often used. The cool shade of white gold in them personifies the composure and calm steel of the character of the male half, and the warm yellow color symbolizes the gentle feminine. There are engagement rings in which three or more kinds of gold are combined. These products look very noble and expensive. Each couple has the right to give the colors and forms of their wedding rings, only her clear meaning.
  • Chains of combined gold.Gold chains are known as decoration from the times of Ancient Egypt. Today it is a popular and fashionable type of jewelry. Effective and beautiful chain of combined gold is equally elegant and stylish, it will look, both on a graceful female neck, and emphasize the male breasts. It is only necessary to correctly select the size and shape of chain links.
  • Combined gold earrings.This is really a female type of jewelry, which is chosen by each lady with special care. Combined gold earrings of all kinds is a unique and amazing piece of jewelry. The combination of several types of gold with precious stones or skillfully executed cutting allows us to assert that this product will be the most loved for every woman for several years.

Enumerate jewelry delights made of combined gold can be infinite.

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